61G5-22.006. Facials (Including Skin Care and Hair Removal)  

Effective on Monday, March 26, 2012
  • 1(1) Objective: To gain information and knowledge to give a facial massage treatment using oils, creams, lotions, or other preparations to properly protect the client from significant damage and to describe chemicals, implements and techniques used in hair removal.

    40(2) Learning Objectives:

    43(a) To explain the structure and function of skin;

    52(b) To describe diseases of the glands;

    59(c) To recognize lesions;

    63(d) To describe basic facial massage movements;

    70(e) To recognize and define the various types of corrective facials;

    81(f) To describe products used and the purpose of each;

    91(g) To understand the purpose and effects of muscle toning;

    101(h) To describe the benefits and nature of light therapy;

    111(i) To analyze and correct improper brow shapings;

    119(j) To describe the proper steps in removing hair through tweezing or waxing; and

    133(k) To understand the safety precautions to follow in the use of electrical apparatus in hair removal;

    150(l) To apply make-up.

    154(3) Performance Objectives:

    157(a) To use the materials and equipment required in giving facials;

    168(b) To perfect procedures and manipulations;

    174(c) To use the proper steps and safety precautions in giving facial treatments for varied types of skin;

    192(d) To analyze and correct improper brow shapings; and

    201(e) To remove superfluous hair on the head, face or neck through epilation and/or depilation, excluding electrolysis.

    218(4) Services required: ten (10).

    223(5) Definition of Services: Services shall be a facial, a client consultation/skin analysis; exfoliation, either manual, mechanical or chemical; cleansing; toning; manipulations; and packs, masks, or other treatments as needed.

    253(6) At a minimum, the curriculum of schools and programs specified in Section 266477.0201, F.S., 268shall include the following hours of instruction in the indicated theory items:



    282(a) Florida Laws and Rules


    288(b) HIV and AIDS


    293(c) Sanitation


    296(d) Ethics


    299(e) Basics of Electricity


    304(f) Facial Techniques and Contraindications


    310(g) Product Chemistry


    314(h) Hair Removal


    318(i) Makeup


    321(j) Skin Theory, Disease and Disorders of the Skin


    331Rulemaking Authority 333477.016, 334477.019(2) FS. 336Law Implemented 338477.019(2), 339477.0201 FS. 341History–New 11-2-80, Amended 10-29-85, Formerly 21F-22.06, Amended 4-8-86, Formerly 21F-22.006, Amended 7-13-09 (8), 1-2-10 (6) and (7), 3-26-12.


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