61G5-22.007. Hair Shaping  

Effective on Sunday, November 2, 1980
  • 1(1) Objective:

    3To use hair shaping implements and supplies in cutting the client's hair in a requested style(s) in specific times between 15 to 30 minutes.

    27(2) Learning Objectives:

    30(a) To be able to describe hair shaping implements, their uses and cutting movements;

    44(b) To explain the differences between razor and scissor shaping; and

    55(c) To take growth patterns, facial features, various hair textures, finished style and other factors into account before cutting.

    74(3) Performance Objectives:

    77(a) To give blended basic, low, medium, and high elevation wet razor and scissor shaping;

    92(b) To give a tailored neckline on dry hair;

    101(c) To perform tapered cutting;

    106(d) To perform slither (effilating) cutting;

    112(e) To blunt, cut wet hair (razor and scissors); and

    122(f) To section hair and analyze head form in preparation of a finished, professional style.

    137(4) Services required: seventy-five (75).

    142Rulemaking Authority 144477.016 FS. 146Law Implemented 148477.025(2) FS. 150History–New 11-2-80, Formerly 21F-22.07, 21F-22.007.