61G5-22.010. Hair Arranging (Styling)  

Effective on Sunday, November 2, 1980
  • 1(1) Objective:

    3To arrange a client’s hair into a style of the client’s choice through the development of dexterity, coordination and strength in creating designs and patterns in the hair.

    31(2) Learning Objectives:

    34(a) To describe the parts of a fingerwave and identify waves, shapings, sculpture (pin) curls and base directed hair;

    53(b) To identify the setting and combing implements used to style hair;

    65(c) To identify hairstyling terms and define parts of sculpture (pin) curls, their shapes, variations and strengths;

    82(d) To describe the basic principles used to decide correct roller diameter in relationship to hair length and define inside and outside movement of hair;

    107(e)  To explain the purpose of stem roller placement;

    116(f) To understand and identify the facial and head features in creating an illusion of an oval facial shape;

    135(g) To characterize the common profiles in relation to styling a client's hair;

    148(h) To understand other distinctive physical characteristics in determining the hair style;

    160(i) To describe the various techniques used to silk (press) the hair with pressing combs and to produce thermal curls;

    180(j) To describe the history of and kinds of thermal implements and supplies used today; and

    196(k) To understand the variety of hairpieces and their uses.

    206(3) Performance Objectives:

    209(a) To part off styling sections of the head;

    218(b) To set and comb alternating rows of horizontal and vertical finger waves;

    231(c) To set and comb sculpture (pin) curls in varied movements in various sections of the head;

    248(d) To set and comb roller curls in different patterns in various sections of the head;

    264(e) To silk (press) the hair using a soft, medium and hard press;

    277(f) To curl hair with thermal irons using varied techniques and implements; and

    290(g) To clean, condition, shape, color and style various types of wigs and hairpieces.

    304(4) Sets, styles, wigs, hairpieces, thermal-work shall be credited individually to services required.

    317(5) Services required: three hundred (300).

    323Rulemaking Authority 325477.016 FS. 327Law Implemented 329477.025(2) FS. 331History–New 11-2-80, Formerly 21F-22.10, 21F-22.010.