61G5-22.011. Hair Coloring  

Effective on Monday, December 17, 1990
  • 1(1) Objective:

    3To change the client's hair color through the the use of semi-permanent, permanent, and lightening products following proper steps to safeguard the client in giving the desired service.

    31(2) Learning Objectives:

    34(a) To discriminate between primary, secondary, tertiary and competing colors;

    44(b) To understand the nature of light in relation to color services;

    56(c) To define the hair coloring terms and chemicals to be used;

    68(d) To describe the chemical effects on the hair;

    77(e) To identify the seven stages of hair lightening;

    86(f) To identify the toning colors;

    92(g) To describe the special techniques and procedures used in achieving the color or lightening service for the client following acceptable safety precautions;

    115(h) To understand the mixing of chemicals, their advantages and disadvantages;

    126(i) To evenly apply a semi-permanent color using proper safety precautions;

    137(j) To follow label directions using proper safety precautions in applying a permanent hair color to the client's hair;

    156(k) To use safety precautions and follow label directions in applying virgin bleach and a bleach retouch; and

    174(l) To describe the steps in achieving special lightening effects.

    184(3) Performance Objectives:

    187(a) To select and apply semi-permanent colors;

    194(b) To test hair for metallic salts;

    201(c) To select and apply a virgin tint to lighten or darken hair;

    214(d) To select and apply a tint retouch;

    222(e) To select and apply a virgin bleach;

    230(f) To select and apply a bleach retouch;

    238(g) To streak, frame, frost, paint the hair using lightening techniques; and

    250(h) To properly select and tint hair back to its original color, either lighter or darker.

    266(4) Services required: forty-five (45).

    271Specific Authority 273477.016 FS. 275Law Implemented 277477.019(2)(c)2. FS. 279History–New 11-2-80, Formerly 21F-22.11, Amended 12-17-90, Formerly 21F-22.011.