61G5-22.012. Chemical Waving and Relaxing/Straightening  

Effective on Sunday, November 2, 1980
  • 1(1) Objective: To use professional chemicals and implements in waving and relaxing the hair to make it more manageable and durable for the client from one styling to another.

    30(2) Learning Objectives:

    33(a) To use safety precautions and follow manufacturer's directions in curling the hair with chemicals;

    48(b) To describe the effects of chemical waving, the basic chemicals, the comparison of pH, the cost factors, the methods of giving thio, acid, and neutral waves;

    75(c) To properly analyze hair prior to giving a chemical service;

    86(d) To understand the physical and chemical effects on the hair;

    97(e) To describe the difference between a base and no-base relaxer; and

    109(f) To identify safety precautions and chemicals used in chemical relaxing and straightening services.

    123(3) Performance Objectives:

    126(a) To analyze the hair and select lotion/rods;

    134(b) To section (block) and subsection the hair and wrap it on wave rods;

    148(c) To process and neutralize chemical waves;

    155(d) To subsection, wrap, process, and neutralize for both long and short hair styles;

    169(e) To apply a base and no-base chemical relaxer to virgin hair;

    181(f) To apply a base and no-base chemical relaxer for a retouch (retrace); and

    195(g) To apply a semi-relaxer for a chemical blowout service.

    205(4) Service required: sixty-five (65).

    210Rulemaking Authority 212477.016 FS. 214Law Implemented 216477.025(2) FS. 218History–New 11-2-80, Formerly 21F-22.12, 21F-22.012.