61G6-12.002. Requirements for Fire Alarm System Agent Training Courses  

Effective on Wednesday, October 16, 2013
  • 1(1) The training provider application fee shall be $200.00.

    10(2) The course fee shall be $25.00 per hour, not to exceed $100.00 per course.

    25(3) The completed Training Provider and Continuing Education Course Approval Application on a form provided by the Department. Copies of the form may be obtained from the Board office.

    54(4) Instructor requirements are as follows:

    60(a) All course instructors shall be qualified, by education or experience, to teach the course, or parts of a course, to which the instructor is assigned.

    86(b) Any person with a four year college degree or graduate degree is qualified to teach any course in his/her field of study.

    109(c) Any certified or registered contractor with at least five years experience may teach any technical course regarding contracting within the scope of the contractor’s license.

    135(d) Course sponsor may request approval by the Board regarding the qualifications of a particular instructor for a particular course.

    155(5) Course record requirements are as follows:

    162(a) Each course sponsor must maintain the following records with respect to each course.

    1761. The time, date and place each is conducted.

    1852. The name, address and qualifications of each instructor who teaches any portion of the course.

    2013. The name and address of each person who registered for the course.

    2144. The original sign-in sheet used at the site of the course to register persons who attend each course. The sign-in sheet shall require all attendees to print and sign their names.

    2465. The course syllabus used for each course.

    2546. The attendance forms.

    258(b) Each person who completes an approved course shall be issued a certificate of completion by the course sponsor. The certificate of completion shall contain the name of the person who completed the course, date the course was offered, name of the course, length of the course and the course approval number assigned by the Board.

    314(c) The course sponsor must maintain the records for at least three years following the date the course is completed.

    334(d) Each course sponsor shall provide the Board with copies of any of these required records, upon request by the Board.

    355(6) Course requirements: The Board shall approve fire alarm system agent courses which address basic fire alarm system technology in addition to related training in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards and access control training.

    392(7) A course syllabus shall be presented to the Board for approval which shall specify the name of the course, the name and address of the course sponsor and a description or outline of the contents of the course.

    431(8) Courses may be offered in a synchronous distance learning format such as a webinar or live chat upon approval of the method of presentation by the Board.

    459Rulemaking Authority 461489.507(3), 462489.517(2), 463489.5185 FS. 465Law Implemented 467489.507(3), 468489.517(2), 469489.5185 FS. 471History–New 2-18-99, Amended 7-17-11, 10-16-13.


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