61G6-6.005. Reexamination  

Effective on Thursday, August 1, 2019
  • 1An applicant who fails the Technical/Safety certification examination shall be entitled to take the next examination upon payment of the reexamination fee. The Business Computer-Based Test may be taken up to three (3) times after the candidate is initially approved to sit for the examination. A retake exam application must be submitted to the Department for each attempt of the Technical/Safety portion of the examination. However, a retake exam application shall not be required to be submitted for each retake of the Business Computer-Based Test.

    86Rulemaking Authority 88455.217(2), 89489.507(3), 90489.511(2) FS. 92Law Implemented 94455.217(2), 95489.511(2) FS. 97History–New 4-17-80, Formerly 21GG-6.05, Amended 7-3-91, Formerly 21GG-6.005, Amended 12-24-97, 9-21-00, 1-23-05, 11-21-12, 8-1-19.