61G6-9.005. Registration of Course Providers  

Effective on Monday, August 5, 2019
  • 1(1)(a) Each course provider must register with the Board prior to submitting any continuing education courses to be conducted by a course provider to the Board for approval.

    29(b) A university or college which is regionally accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education (USDOE); and which university or college offers courses in the contracting areas specified in part II, chapter 489, F.S., and pursuant to rule chapter 61G6-9, F.A.C., will be approved as a course provider upon submitting an application to the Board.

    90(2) The application for registration must be submitted on the ECLB Continuing Education Provider Approval Application, form number, DBPR ECLB 11, 07/10/2012, with instructions, which is incorporated by reference in subsection 12161-35.012(11), 122F.A.C., copies of which are provided by the Board upon request and must include the name, address, phone number and facsimile number of the course provider. The registration must also include the name and address of each person or entity who has an ownership interest in the course sponsor or who is entitled to receive any portion of the revenues from the course provider. A course provider making an application to offer interactive distance education must submit evidence of the following:

    203(a) That the course contains a high level of interactivity which promotes student involvement, and demonstrates that the program measures learning and assesses mastery of content at regular intervals.

    232(b) That the course provider will be able to monitor student enrollment, participation, and course completion.

    248(c) That the course provider can demonstrate that stated course hours are consistent with the actual hours it takes to complete the course.

    271(d) That the course provider has qualified instructor(s) available to answer questions and provide the students with the necessary assistance during the duration of the course.

    297(e) That the student shall be required to complete and submit a statement at the end of the course that he/she has personally completed each module of instruction.

    325(3) The course provider registration is valid for four (4) years and expires on May 31st of every other odd numbered year.

    347(4) The course provider must submit to the Board, in writing, notice of any changes in the information provided in the initial application for registration of the course sponsor. The notification must be made within 30 days following the date the change is effective.

    391(5) The Board shall maintain a list of all course providers registered with the Board.

    406(6) The Board shall deny registration of, suspend, or revoke the registration of any course provider if any of the following acts or omissions occur:

    431(a) Obtaining or attempting to obtain registration or course approval through fraud, deceit, false statements, or misrepresentation of material facts, whether such statements or misrepresentations are made knowingly or negligently.

    461(b) Failing to provide complete and accurate information in the initial application for registration or in any notification of change in information.

    483(c) Failing to notify the Board of a change in the information required in subsection (4) for registration of course providers.

    504(d) Falsifying of any records regarding the continuing education courses conducted by the course provider or the persons who attended the courses.

    526(e) Failing to maintain any required records regarding the continuing education courses conducted by the course provider or the persons who attended the courses, including the failure to report the names and license numbers of all persons who attended any approved courses.

    568(f) Failing to train the staff responsible for taking attendance at any approved course or completing the attendance forms.

    587(g) Failing to provide the Board with copies of any document or other information required to be maintained by the course provider pursuant to this rule.

    613(h) Advertising that a course has been approved by the Board prior to the date the approval is granted.

    632(i) Participating in any activity designed or intended to circumvent or evade the requirements of section 648489.517, F.S., 650or the rules adopted by the Board to implement that section.

    661(j) Failing to identify the number of approved continuing education hours in any course brochures, advertisements, or course completion certificates.

    681(k) Failure to provide the attendee list to the Department in an electronic format or otherwise violate provisions in section 701455.2178(1), F.S.

    703(7) In the event of suspension or revocation of a course provider’s registration, the Board shall require the course provider to cancel the scheduled courses and refund all fees collected by the course provider in connection with any scheduled course.

    743(8) The Board shall deny approval of, suspend, or revoke the registration of any course provider if any person or entity required to be disclosed in the registration was also disclosed (or was required to be disclosed) in the registration of any course provider who has been suspended or revoked by the Board.

    796(9) The provider must comply with the requirements stated in section 807455.2178, F.S., 809as a condition of approval as a course provider.

    818(10) The course provider shall not offer any continuing education courses if the provider status is in a delinquent or expired status.

    840Rulemaking Authority 842455.2178, 843455.2179, 844455.227, 845489.507(3) FS. 847Law Implemented 849455.2178, 850455.2179, 851489.533 FS. 853History–New 11-30-94, Amended 6-13-96, 10-20-96, 12-25-96, 3-24-99, 11-2-00, 9-4-01, 2-10-03, 10-1-03, 6-6-19, 8-5-19.