61H1-21.005. Contingent Fees  

Effective on Thursday, December 10, 2009
  • 1(1) No certified public accountant or firm shall accept a fee contingent upon the findings or results of such services if the service is of the type for which a commission or referral fee could not be accepted (See Rule 4161H1-21.003, 42F.A.C.).

    43(2) No certified public accountant or firm shall accept a contingent fee for tax filings with the federal, state, or local government unless the findings are those of the tax authorities and not those of the certified public accountant or firm. Unless the certified public accountant or firm has specific reason to know that the filing will be reviewed in detail by the taxing authorities, the findings will be presumed to be those of the certified public accountant or firm and a contingent fee is not permissible. An original or amended federal tax return or a claim for refund cannot be prepared for a contingent fee since the findings are not considered to be those of the taxing authority. If the taxing authority has begun an audit, any findings will be considered those of the taxing authority and a contingent fee may be accepted. Fees to be fixed by courts or other public authorities, which are of an indeterminate amount at the time a public accounting service is undertaken, shall not be regarded as contingent fees for the purposes of this rule. However, a certified public accountant’s or firm’s fee may vary depending, for example, on the complexity of the service rendered.

    245Rulemaking Authority 247473.304 FS. 249Law Implemented 251473.319 FS. 253History–New 12-4-79, Formerly 21A-21.05, 21A-21.005, Amended 11-30-93, 2-23-98, 12-10-09.


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