61H1-26.002. Minimum Capitalization or Adequate Public Liability Insurance for Florida Firms with the Exception of a Sole Proprietorship  

Effective on Wednesday, February 6, 2013
  • 1A Florida firm, with the exception of a sole proprietorship, shall not engage in the practice of public accounting in this state unless:

    24(1) Assets in excess of liabilities and professional liability insurance combined are at least equal to $50,000 per shareholder, officer, member, or partner and any Florida licensed certified public accountant to a maximum of $2,000,000 or

    63(2) It has an irrevocable letter of credit of at least equal to $50,000 per shareholder, officer, member, or partner and any Florida licensed certified public accountant to a maximum of $2,000,000, which meets the following criteria:

    103(a) The responsibility for repayment of any sums disbursed under the letter of credit is not an obligation of the Florida firm, its owners, or any entity affiliated with the Florida firm;

    135(b) The letter of credit contains an “evergreen clause,” which automatically renews the letter of credit unless the issuer of the letter of credit notifies the Florida firm and the Board within sixty (60) days of the decision not to renew; and

    178(c) The letter of credit is issued by a financial institution authorized to do so under applicable state or federal banking laws; or

    201(3) The corporation, each shareholder, and each officer who has authority over the practice of public accountancy, the LLC or the limited liability company and each member of the LLC, or the LLP and each partner have executed the waiver of limitation on liability approved by the Board which must be set forth as follows:



    261The shareholders, officers, members, or partners of ___ (Name of Firm), do jointly and severally convenant and agree that they will pay any award or judgment arising out of any claim the basis of which is grounded upon an allegation of negligence, incompetence, misconduct, fraud or deceit in the firm’s or its owners’, officers’, members’, or employees’ practice of public accounting as soon as the same shall become payable regardless of any limitation on liability provided by Chapter 621 and Chapter 608, and Chapter 620, F.S. (2009).

    348Unless executed by a partnership and its partners, the members intend this agreement as a mutual covenant of assumption and not as a partnership, but should any court of competent jurisdiction construe same to be a partnership then it is the intention of the parties that such partnership be limited in scope to the uses for which this contract is executed and no other.

    412Any individual who, subsequent to the date of this instrument, becomes a shareholder, officer, member, or partner in ____________ (Name of Firm), shall immediately become a party to this waiver and be bound to the conditions thereof. Said shareholder, officer, member, or partner shall execute an amended Waiver on Limitation of Liability which shall become a part of the original Waiver on Limitation of Liability.

    477We the undersigned shareholders, officers, members, or partners in ___________________________ (Name of Firm), do hereunto set our hands and seals to certify our acceptance of the Waiver on Limitation of Liability dated this ________ day of ____, 20___.


    515_____________________________              516_______________________________


    517_____________________________              518_______________________________


    519_____________________________              520_______________________________


    521_____________________________              522_______________________________

    523(Signatures of all shareholders, officers, members, or partners)

    531Rulemaking Authority 533473.304, 534473.309 FS. 536Law Implemented 538473.309 FS. 540History–New 12-4-79, Formerly 21A-26.02, Amended 10-20-86, Formerly 21A-26.002, Amended 11-30-93, 5-23-94, 6-10-96, 10-6-96, 12-30-97, 9-21-00, 12-10-09, 2-6-13.


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