61H1-26.005. Address of Record

Effective on Sunday, May 3, 2020
  • 1(1) All Florida certified public accountants, and licensed firms are required to have their correct street address of their principal place of business on file with the Board office as their address of record. A post office box may be used for a mailing address, but it must be in addition to the address of record.

    57(2) A Florida certified public accountant or licensed firm must notify the Board office in writing within thirty days of any change to their address of record or mailing address.

    87Rulemaking Authority 89455.275, 90473.304 FS. 92Law Implemented 94455.275 FS. 96History–New 12-2-92, Formerly 21A-26.005, Amended 7-23-06, 12-27-09, 12-21-15, 1-31-18, 5-3-20.