61H1-28.0052. Number of Sittings, and Granting of Credit, Release of Grades and Completion of Examination, Transition Rules  

Effective on Thursday, December 10, 2009
  • 1(1) With respect to the CPA Examination:

    8(a) A candidate may take the required test sections individually and in any order. Credit for any test section(s) passed shall be valid for eighteen months from the 36National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) grade release date for 48that test section, without having to attain a minimum score on any failed test section(s) and without regard to whether the candidate has taken other test sections.

    75(b) Candidates must pass all four test sections of the CPA Examination within a rolling eighteen-month period, which begins on the 96NASBA grade release date for the first test section(s) passed106. In the event all four test sections of the CPA Examination are not passed within the rolling eighteen-month period, credit for any test section(s) passed outside the eighteen-month period will expire and that test section(s) must be retaken.

    145(2) A candidate shall be deemed to have passed the CPA Examination when the candidate has been granted credit for all sections of the CPA Examination. Upon certification 173of examination scores 176by the Board to the Department that the applicant has met all licensure requirements as imposed by Chapters 455 and 473, F.S., and the rules promulgated pursuant thereto, the Department shall issue a license to practice public accounting to such individual. 217However, in no event shall an initial license be issued if the initial licensure fees and all required documents are not received within 36 months of the date of certification 247of examination scores 250by the 252B253oard; in such case, the certification expires and the applicant may reapply for licensure by endorsement, pursuant to Section 272473.308(7)(a), F.S.

    274Rulemaking 275Authority 276455.217(1), 277473.304, 278473.306 FS. 280Law Implemented 282455.217(1), 283473.306 FS. 285Hist286ory–New 1-1-04, Amended 2-24-08, 8-20-09, 29112-10-09.

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