61H1-33.0032. Board Approval of CPA Ethics Continuing Education by Providers  

Effective on Monday, January 7, 2013
  • 1(1) Applicants for continuing education provider status to offer courses which satisfy the four (4) hour certified public accountant continuing education ethics requirement in Section 26473.312(1)(c), F.S., 28must meet the requirements of subsections (2) and (3) of this rule.

    40(2) To demonstrate the education and/or the experience necessary to offer courses which satisfy the CPA continuing education ethics requirement, an applicant for continuing education provider status must be a regionally accredited educational institution, a commercial educator, a governmental agency, a state or national certified public accounting professional association whose purpose includes fostering ethical conduct and promoting standards of independence, integrity, and objectivity in the certified public accounting profession, a certified public accountant who has not been disciplined by the Board, or a certified public accounting firm.

    127(3) To allow the Board to evaluate an application for continuing education provider status, the applicant must submit the following:

    147(a) The name, address and telephone number of the prospective provider;

    158(b) A description of the ethics course the provider expects to conduct for credit to include a review of Chapters 455 and 473, F.S., the related administrative rules, and topics including but not limited to: ethical conduct, core values and competencies, professional responsibility, responsibility to clients and the public, case studies that require the application of ethics principles, national professional standards and interpretations, and appropriate national issues related to the practice of accounting;

    231(c) A description of the staffing capability of the applicant;

    241(d) A sample of intended course materials;

    248(e) A list of anticipated locations to conduct the courses;

    258(f) A complete course curriculum;

    263(g) A description of the means the applicant will use to update the course in response to rule or law changes; and

    285(h) Documentation that the ethics course instructor will notify the ethics course provider of any disciplinary action taken against the instructor by the Board.

    309(4) Should the Board determine that the provider has failed to provide appropriate continuing education services, it shall request that the Department issue an order requiring the provider to cease and desist from offering certified public accountant ethics continuing education courses and shall request that the Department revoke any approval of the certified public accountant ethics course provider granted by the Board.

    371(5) No provider may allow any certified public accountant to conduct any certified public accountant ethics course or seminar offered by the provider if that certified public accountant has been disciplined. Upon receipt of notice from an instructor that the instructor has been disciplined, the provider shall, within fourteen (14) days, write to the Board office and confirm that the instructor is no longer conducting certified public accountant ethics courses or seminars offered by the provider. For the purpose of this subsection, a letter of guidance shall not constitute “discipline.”

    461(6) The Board retains the right and authority to audit and/or monitor programs and review records and course materials given by any provider approved pursuant to this rule. The Board shall revoke the approved status of the ethics course provider or reject individual ethics courses given by an ethics course provider if the provider disseminated any false or misleading information in connection with the continuing education programs, or if the provider fails to conform to and abide by the rules of the Board.

    544Rulemaking Authority 546455.213(6), 547455.2178, 548455.2179, 549473.304, 550473.312 FS. 552Law Implemented 554455.213(6), 555455.2178, 556455.2179, 557473.312(1)(a), 558(c) FS. History–New 6-30-05, Amended 9-24-07, 12-11-07, 12-10-09, 1-7-13.


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