61J2-14.008. Definitions  

Effective on Monday, June 21, 2010
  • 1(1)(a) A “deposit” is a sum of money, or its equivalent, delivered to a real estate licensee, as earnest money, or a payment, or a part payment, in connection with any real estate transaction named or described in Section 40475.01(1)(a), 41F42.S., 43or for the purpose of obtaining satisfaction, release, or assignment of mortgages, or quit claim or other deeds deemed necessary or desirable in acquiring or perfecting the title to real estate, or assembling interest therein, or such sum delivered in escrow, trust or on condition, in connection with any transaction conducted, or being conducted, by such licensee within the scope of Chapter 475, F107.S.

    108(b) A deposit, as so defined, shall extend to and include not only cash, or currency, but any medium of exchange, or any securities to be converted into money, delivered for any of the purposes aforesaid, to be held or converted into cash or bank credits. A broker shall not be responsible for the payment of any check or draft, unless the broker, through culpable negligence, fails to deposit the same in the regular course of business, and the check or draft is not paid due to such culpable negligence, and damage results to some party entitled to complain of said culpable negligence.

    211(2)(a) “Trust” or “escrow” account means an account in a bank or trust company, title company having trust powers, credit union, or a savings and loan association within the State of Florida. Only funds described in this rule shall be deposited in trust or escrow accounts. No personal funds of any licensee shall be deposited or intermingled with any funds being held in escrow, trust or on condition except as provided in subsection 28461J2-14.010(2), 285F286.A.C.

    287(288b) When a deposit is placed or to be placed with a title company or an attorney, the licensee who prepared or presented the sales contract (“Licensee”), shall indicate on that contract the name, address, and telephone number of such title company or attorney. Within 333ten 334(33510336) business days after each deposit is due under the sales contract, the Licensee’s broker shall make written reque355st to the title company or attor362ney to provide written verification of receipt of the deposit, 372unless the deposit is held by a title company or by an attorney nominated in writing by a seller or seller’s agent394. Within ten (10) business days of the date the Licensee’s broker made the written request for verification of the deposit, the Licensee’s broker shall provide Seller’s broker with either a copy of the written verification, or, if no verification is received by Licensee’s broker, written notice that Licensee’s broker did not receive verification of the deposit. If Seller is not represented by a broker, then Licensee’s broker shall notify the Seller directly in the same manner indicated herein. 

    473(3) “Immediately” means the placement of a deposit in an escrow account no later than the end of the third business day following receipt of the item to be deposited. Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays shall not be considered as business days.

    515Rulemaking 516Authority 517475.05, 518475.25(1)(k) FS. 520Law Implemented 522475.25(1)(k) FS. 524History–New 1-1-80, Formerly 21V-14.08, Amended 10-13-88, 12-29-91, 7-20-93, Formerly 21V534-14.008, Amended 7-5-95, 7-4-06, 12-6-07, 5396-21-10.

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