61K1-3.031. Mixed Martial Arts Bandages and Handwraps; Gloves  

Effective on Thursday, December 10, 2015
  • 1(1) Bandages and Handwraps:

    5(a) All bandages and handwraps shall be restricted to gauze not less than 2.5 yards in length and not more than 5 yards in length and 2 inches in width, held in place by not more than 5 yards of 1 inch surgical tape. No tape may be applied across the knuckles.

    57(b) All bandages and handwraps shall be applied and adjusted in the dressing room in the presence of the inspector. The inspector shall initial or in some other manner mark the bandage or handwrap on each hand so as to be able to determine at the conclusion of the match whether or not the bandage or handwrap was tampered with after the inspector initially examined the bandage or handwrap.

    126(2) Gloves:

    128(a) Gloves shall weigh no less than 4 ounces nor more than 8 ounces; however, both participants shall wear the same weight gloves and use the same manufacturer of gloves as provided by the promoter unless both participants agree to use different manufacturers of gloves.

    173(b) Prior to the beginning of each match each glove of each participant shall be examined and approved or disapproved by the executive director or his or her designee. Any glove intended to be used by a participant in a match shall be whole, clean, in sanitary condition. Gloves shall be in good condition. If the padding in a glove is found to be misplaced or lumpy, or if the glove shows evidence of breaking, roughing or twisting, the glove shall be disapproved and shall not be used.

    261(c) If laces are present, laces of gloves shall be knotted on the back of the wrist and tape shall be applied over the laces so as to prevent injury to the opponent. If Velcro is present, the chief inspector may require the use of tape to prevent injury or to prevent loosening of the gloves during the match. Whenever the chief inspector decides to require tape, both participants and seconds must be subject to the same requirement. The tape used shall be red tape for the red corner participant and blue tape for the blue corner participant.

    359(d) Participants shall not supply their own gloves.

    367Rulemaking Authority 369548.003 FS. 371Law Implemented 373548.003(2)(c), 374548.043 FS. 376History–New 12-10-15.


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