61K1-4. Health And Safety Standards For Amateur Boxing, Kickboxing, And Mixed Martial Arts

61K1-4.001. Amateur Sanctioning Organization Licensure, Criteria for Approval and Denial
61K1-4.002. Compliance Checks
61K1-4.004. Emergency Medical Equipment; Other Requirements
61K1-4.005. Arena Equipment Requirements; Ring Requirements; and Fenced Area Requirements
61K1-4.006. Physician and Emergency Medical Technician Requirements
61K1-4.007. Insurance Requirements
61K1-4.008. Pre-Match Physical for Amateur
61K1-4.009. Post-Match Physical of Amateur; Suspension of Amateur Athlete
61K1-4.011. Unprofessional or Unethical Conduct
61K1-4.012. Citations
61K1-4.013. Notices of Non-Compliance
61K1-4.014. Records
61K1-4.015. Disciplinary Guidelines
61K1-4.016. Boxing Weight Classes; Weigh-In
61K1-4.017. Boxing Conduct of Bout; Rounds
61K1-4.018. Boxing Apparel
61K1-4.019. Boxing Bandages; Handwraps; Gloves
61K1-4.020. Kickboxing Weight Classes; Weigh-In
61K1-4.021. Kickboxing Conduct of Bout; Rounds
61K1-4.022. Kickboxing Apparel
61K1-4.023. Kickboxing Bandages and Handwraps; Gloves
61K1-4.024. Mixed Martial Arts Weight Classes; Weigh-In
61K1-4.025. Mixed Martial Arts Conduct of Bout; Rounds
61K1-4.026. Mixed Martial Arts Apparel
61K1-4.027. Mixed Martial Arts Bandages and Handwraps; Gloves
61K1-4.028. Supervision of Amateur Events
61K1-4.029. Matches; Prohibited During Certain Hours
61K1-4.030. Match Results