61K1-4.004. Emergency Medical Equipment; Other Requirements  

Effective on Thursday, March 14, 2013
  • 1(1) Emergency Medical Equipment and Services.

    7(a) It shall be the responsibility of the amateur sanctioning organization to ensure the following emergency medical equipment is available and present at each amateur match:

    331. A portable resuscitator with all additional equipment necessary for its operation;

    452. A clean backboard, a neck-brace, and clean blanket, to be located along with the ambulance attendants at ringside;

    643. One portable oxygen supply shall be present at ringside.

    74(b) No match shall begin or continue unless such equipment is on the premises, in a state of readiness and in a pre-designated readily accessible location known to the referee, physicians and the amateur sanctioning organization supervisor.

    111(2) Other Equipment and Services.

    116(a) It shall be the responsibility of the amateur sanctioning organization to ensure the presence of a person or persons capable of making emergency repairs, corrections and adjustments to the ring, lights and other necessary fixtures at all times during the progress of a program of matches.

    163(b) The amateur sanctioning organization shall ensure that all food and beverages around the ring are dispensed in paper or plastic plates or cups and that only plastic utensils are provided.

    194(c) All advertising must make it clear that the event is an amateur competition.

    208(d) If locker rooms are provided, an amateur sanctioning organization representative shall supervise all locker-room activity according to the following minimum protocols;

    2301. Only water and approved electrolyte drinks in their sealed original container are permitted in the locker room. No food, vitamins, or supplements of any kind are permitted in the locker room, with the exception of produce.

    2672. The presence of any alcohol, “energy” drinks, controlled substances or any illegal enhancing substance in the possession of amateurs, any representative of the amateurs or any representative of the amateur sanctioning organization is grounds for suspension of the amateur sanctioning organization’s license and immediate cancellation of the match.

    3163. Only amateurs scheduled to compete, individuals working their corners, and amateur sanctioning organization representatives working the event are permitted in locker room. Exceptions require prior permission of the sanctioning organization supervisor.

    3484. Amateur sanctioning organizations shall ensure that amateurs are provided separate dressing rooms for male and female amateurs.

    366Rulemaking Authority 368548.003 FS. 370Law Implemented 372548.003, 373548.006, 374548.032, 375548.046, 376548.057 FS. 378History–379New 3-14-13.


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