61K1-4.014. Records  

Effective on Thursday, March 14, 2013
  • 1(1) All licensees shall maintain a full, true, and accurate set of books and records in connection with all licensed activities.

    22(a) The records shall be made at or near the time of the occurrence recorded by a person with knowledge of the matters recorded.

    46(b) These records and any other documents required by statute or commission rule shall be kept for at least five years and shall be open to inspection and audit by representatives of the department or commission upon reasonable notice.

    85(2) The following is a list that includes records that must be maintained by amateur sanctioning organizations holding matches:

    104(a) Amateur medical records related to weigh-in and pre-match physical requirements as set forth in Rule 61K1-7.007, F.A.C., that the amateurs submits to the amateur sanctioning organization prior to participating in matches;

    136(b) Bout cards;

    139(c) Weigh-in documentation;

    142(d) All documentation submitted to the commission for licensure and permit approval;

    154(e) HIPAA Medical Records Release obtained from amateurs related to medical records obtained prior to participating in matches;

    172(f) Documentation evidencing referees’ and physicians’ qualifications.

    179(3) The following is a list that includes records that must be maintained by non-profit schools of amateur boxing, kickboxing, and martial arts as described under Section 206548.007(1), F.S208:

    209(a) Documentation supporting instruction schedules and locations;

    216(b) Documentation related to each student illustrating hours of instruction each student has obtained prior to participating in matches, including receipts of payment for instruction;

    241(c) Students’ medical records provided prior to matches;

    249(d) Documentation evidencing non-profit status from the Internal Revenue Service;

    259(e) This documentation is necessary to establish the school’s exemption from Chapter 548, F.S.

    273Rulemaking Authority 275548.003 FS. 277Law Implemented 279548.003(2), 280548.004, 281548.0065, 282548.007, 283548.011 FS. 285History–286New 3-14-13.


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