61K1-4.026. Mixed Martial Arts Apparel  

Effective on Thursday, May 14, 2020
  • 1(1) Amateurs shall wear:

    5(a) Shorts approved by the amateur sanctioning organization representative;

    14(b) A protective cup or groin protector as approved by the amateur sanctioning organization representative;

    29(c) Shin and instep protective pads, provided by the promoter, approved of by amateur sanctioning organization’s representative.

    46(2) Amateurs may use knee or ankle support that are form-fitting with no rigid structural, abrasive materials, or padding. A single sleeve-like support may be worn on each ankle and each knee.

    78(3) Illegal apparel:

    81(a) Eyeglasses;

    83(b) Footgear, shoes or any padding on the feet during the match, other than the required instep protection;

    101(c) Any type of apparel with metal straps or buckles;

    111(d) Necklaces or any other type of jewelry, including piercings located anywhere on the body;

    126(e) Shorts with a grip panel.

    132(4) Hair shall be short enough to avoid interference with vision. If hair ties are required, they should be soft in nature.

    154(5) All amateurs shall wear an individually fitted mouthpiece, which shall be in the amateur’s mouth at all times during the matches.

    176(6) Amateurs may wear soft contact lenses. Hard contact lenses are forbidden.

    188(7) Amateurs are permitted to use only a light coat of Vaseline on the face applied at cageside under the supervision of the referee or amateur sanctioning organization representative. Vaseline will not be permitted elsewhere on the body. No other products of any kinds may be applied at any time to any part of the amateurs’ face or body.

    247(8) Elbow pads may be worn if agreed to by both participants. Elbow pads must be constructed of non-abrasive material, minimum 1/2 inch thick around the impact area of the elbow.

    278Rulemaking Authority 280548.003(2) FS. 282Law Implemented 284548.003, 285548.0065 FS. 287History–288New 3-14-13, Amended 5-14-20.