61K1-4.027. Mixed Martial Arts Bandages and Handwraps; Gloves  

Effective on Thursday, March 14, 2013
  • 1(1) Bandages and Handwraps:

    5(a) The wrapping of hands is not mandatory. Amateurs who wish to wrap their hands shall be responsible for their own gauze and tape or commercial hand wraps approved of by the amateur sanctioning organization.

    40(b) Gauze shall be of the soft or soft-stretch type, and shall not exceed 2 inches in width. Tape shall be of the soft adhesive type and shall not exceed 1.5 inches in width. One ten yard roll of gauze, and not more than two yards of tape, are the maximum allowable amounts for each hand. No other materials, including pre-made hand wraps, shall be allowed; nor shall any amounts exceeding those listed be allowed under any circumstances. Tape shall be present only to hold the gauze in place, and no more than one layer of tape be allowed on the striking surface of the hand and only 1 strip between the fingers not to exceed 1/4 in width and 4" in length.

    163(c) The amateur sanctioning organization representative must inspect all handwraps, and must sign across the knuckles of the hand wrappings before the gloves are secured on the hands. The amateur sanctioning organization is responsible for the amateurs’ compliance with the bandages and handwraps requirements.

    207(2) Gloves:

    209(a) Gloves shall weigh no less than 7 ounces; both amateurs shall wear the same weight gloves and use the same manufacturer of gloves as provided by the promoter unless both amateurs agree to use different manufacturers of gloves.

    248(b) Prior to the beginning of each match each glove of each amateur shall be examined and approved or disapproved by the amateur sanctioning organization representative and the referee. Any glove intended to be used by a amateur in a match shall be whole, clean, in sanitary condition. Gloves shall be in good condition. If the padding in a glove is found to be misplaced or lumpy, or if the glove shows evidence of breaking, roughing or twisting, the glove shall be disapproved and shall not be used. The match shall not begin or continue unless an approved glove has been substituted for the disapproved glove.

    354(c) If velcro is present, the amateur sanctioning organization representative may require the use of tape to prevent injury or to prevent loosening of the gloves during the match. Whenever the representative decides to require tape, both corners must be subject to the same requirement.

    399(d) Gloves shall be adjusted in the ring under the supervision of the amateur sanctioning organization or referee.

    417Rulemaking Authority 419548.003(2) FS. 421Law Implemented 423548.003, 424548.0065 FS. 426History–New 3-14-13.


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