62-213.205. Annual Emissions Fee  

Effective on Tuesday, December 31, 2013
  • 1Each Title V source permitted to operate in this state must pay between January 15 and April 1 of each year, upon written notice as provided in the Title V permit, an annual emissions fee in an amount determined as set forth in subsection 4562-213.205(1), 46F.A.C.

    47(1) Emissions Fee Calculation and Payment. Each Title V source must calculate the annual fee, based upon the source’s previous year’s emissions, by multiplying the applicable annual emissions fee factor times the tons of each regulated air pollutant 85actually emitted, as calculated in accordance with the department’s emissions computation and reporting rules. The annual fee shall only apply to those regulated pollutants, 109except carbon monoxide 112and greenhouse gases, for which an allowable numeric emission-limiting standard is specified in 125the source’s most recent construction permit or operation permit. The emissions fee factor is $30. Provided, however, that:

    143(a) For emissions occurring in calendar year 2013, the emissions fee factor is $27.

    157(b) The amount of each regulated air pollutant in excess of 4,000 tons per year allowed to be emitted, in total, by any Title V source will not be included in the calculation of the fee. Any Title V source which does not emit any regulated air pollutant in excess of 4,000 tons per year may request a one-time credit not to exceed 25 percent of its first annual emissions fee for the prorated portion of the existing air operation permit application fees remaining upon commencement of its annual emissions fees.

    250(c) If the Department has not received the fee by March 1 of the year following the calendar year for which the fee is calculated, the Department will send the primary responsible official of the Title V source a written warning of the consequences for failing to pay the fee by April 1. If the fee is not postmarked or electronically submitted by April 1 of the year due, the Department shall impose, in addition to the fee, a penalty of 50 percent of the amount of the fee unpaid plus interest on such amount computed in accordance with Section 350220.807, F.S. 352If the Department determines that a submitted fee was inaccurately calculated, the Department shall either refund to the permittee any amount overpaid or notify the permittee of any amount underpaid. The Department shall not impose a penalty or interest on any amount underpaid, provided that the permittee has timely remitted payment of at least 90 percent of the amount determined to be due and remits full payment within 60 days after receipt of notice of the amount underpaid. The Department shall waive the collection of underpayment and shall not refund overpayment of the fee, if the amount is less than one percent of the fee due, up to $50.00. The Department shall make every effort to provide a timely assessment of the adequacy of the submitted fee. Failure to pay timely any required annual emissions fee, penalty, or interest constitutes grounds for permit revocation pursuant to Rule 49962-4.100, 500F.A.C.

    501(d) Notwithstanding any other provisions of this rule, the annual emissions fee for any Title V source, other than a Title V source authorized to operate under a Title V air general permit, shall not be less than $250.

    540(e) Any documentation of actual hours of operation, actual material or heat input, actual production amount, or actual emissions used to calculate the annual emissions fee shall be retained by the owner for a minimum of five years and shall be made available to the Department upon request.

    588(f) For an Acid Rain Part processed separately from a Title V permit, the Title V permit together with the Acid Rain Part shall be the most recent operation permit for Title V fee purposes. An Acid Rain Part processed separately from a Title V permit is not a separate permit and shall not be used as the most recent operation permit for Title V fee purposes.

    655(2) Permit Fees Waived. No permit application processing fee, renewal fee, modification fee or amendment fee is required for an operation permit for a Title V source.

    682Rulemaking Authority 684403.061, 685403.087 FS. 687Law Implemented 689403.087, 690403.0872 FS. 692History–New 12-21-92, Amended 11-25-93, Formerly 17-213.200, Amended 11-23-94, 1-1-96, 3-13-96, 6-25-96, 2-11-99, 1-3-01, 4-16-01, 6-2-02, 1-9-08, 3-16-08, 3-11-10, 4-1-13, 12-31-13.


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