62-296.402. Sulfuric Acid Plants  

Effective on Thursday, July 10, 2014
  • 1(1) Existing Plants.

    4(a) Florida portion of the Jacksonville, Florida – Brunswick, Georgia, Interstate Air Quality Control Region as defined in 2240 C.F.R. Section 81.91.

    261. Visible Emissions – ten percent opacity.

    332. Sulfur Dioxide – 29 pounds per ton of 100 percent acid produced.

    463. Acid Mist – 0.5 pounds per ton of 100 percent acid produced.

    59(b) All other areas of the State of Florida.

    681. Visible Emissions – ten percent opacity.

    752. Sulfur Dioxide – 10 pounds per ton of 100 percent acid produced.

    883. Acid Mist – 0.3 pounds per ton of 100 percent acid produced.

    101(2) New Plants.

    104(a) Visible emissions – ten percent opacity.

    111(b) Sulfur Dioxide – four pounds per ton of 100 percent acid produced.

    124(c) Acid Mist – 0.15 pounds per ton of 100 percent acid produced.

    137(3) Test Methods and Procedures. All emissions tests performed pursuant to the requirements of this rule shall comply with the following requirements.

    159(a) The test method for visible emissions shall be EPA Method 9, 171as described at 17440 C.F.R. Part 60, 178Appendix A-4, adopted and 182incorporated 183by reference at Rule 18762-204.800, 188F.A.C.

    189(b) The test method for acid mist/sulfur dioxide shall be EPA Method 8, 202as described at 20540 C.F.R. Part 60, 209Appendix A-4, adopted and 213incorporated by reference 216at Rule 21862-204.800, 219F.A.C. The minimum sample volume shall be 40 dry standard cubic feet.

    231(c) Test procedures shall meet all applicable requirements of Chapter 62-297, F.A.C.

    243(4) Continuous Emissions Monitoring Requirements. Each owner or operator of a sulfuric acid plant shall install, calibrate, operate and maintain a continuous monitoring system for continuously monitoring the pollutants specified in this subsection. Performance specifications, location of monitor, data requirements, data reduction and reporting requirements, shall conform with the requirements of 29440 C.F.R. Part 51, 298Appendix P, adopted and incorporated by reference in subsection 30762-204.800(2), 308F.A.C.; and 31040 C.F.R. Part 60, 314Appendix B, adopted by reference in subsection 32162-204.800(7), 322F.A.C., for existing and new emissions units provided, however, any alternative procedure (as specified in Section 3.9, 33940 C.F.R. Part 51, 343Appendix P) or special consideration (as specified in Section 6.0, 35340 C.F.R. Part 51, 357Appendix P) shall be incorporated in the Department’s air permit for the emissions unit and submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a proposed revision to the State Implementation Plan.

    388(a) Facilities greater than 300 tons per day production capacity, expressed as 100% acid, shall install continuous monitoring systems for the measurement of sulfur dioxide emissions for each sulfuric acid emission source.

    420(b) Where two or more emissions units emit through a common stack, continuous monitoring systems, if required, shall be installed on each emissions unit prior to combination of the emission.

    450(5) Quarterly Reporting Requirements. The owners or operators of facilities for which monitoring is required shall submit to the Department a written report of emissions in excess of emission limiting standards as set forth in Rule 48662-296.402, 487F.A.C., for each calendar quarter. The nature and cause of the excessive emissions shall be explained. This report does not relieve the owner or operator of the legal liability for violations. All recorded data shall be maintained on file by the Source for a period of two years.

    535Rulemaking Authority 537403.061 FS. 539Law Implemented 541403.021, 542403.031, 543403.061, 544403.087 FS. 546History–Formerly 17-2.600(2), 17-296.402, Amended 11-23-94, 1-1-96, 3-13-96, 7-10-14.


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