62-340.100. Intent  

Effective on Friday, July 1, 1994
  • 1(1) This rule’s intent is to provide a unified statewide methodology for the delineation of the extent of wetlands and surface waters to satisfy the mandate of Section 29373.421, F.S. 31This delineation methodology is intended to approximate the combined landward extent of wetlands as determined by a water management district and the Department immediately before the effective date of this rule. Before implementing the specific provisions of this methodology, the regulating agency shall attempt to identify wetlands according to the definition for wetlands in subsection 86373.01987(882589), F.S., and subsection 9362-340.200(19), 94F.A.C., below. The landward extent of wetlands shall be determined by the dominance of plant species, soils and other hydrologic evidence indicative of regular and periodic inundation or saturation. In all cases, attempts shall be made to locate the landward extent of wetlands visually by on site inspection, or aerial photointerpretation in combination with ground truthing, without quantitative sampling. If this cannot be accomplished, the quantitative methods in paragraph 16362-301.400(1)(c), 164F.A.C., shall be used unless the applicant or petitioner and regulating agency agree, in writing, on an alternative method for quantitatively analyzing the vegetation on site. The methodology shall not be used to delineate areas which are not wetlands as defined in subsection 20762-340.200(19), 208F.A.C., nor to delineate as wetlands or surface waters areas exempted from delineation by statute or agency rule.

    226(2) The Department shall be responsible for ensuring statewide coordination and consistency in the delineation of surface waters and wetlands pursuant to this rule, by providing training and guidance to the Department, Districts, and local governments in implementing the methodology.

    266Specific Authority 268373.421 FS. 270Law Implemented 272373.421, 273373.4211 FS. 275History–New 7-1-94, Formerly 17-340.100.