62-340.550. Wetland Hydrology  

Effective on Friday, July 1, 1994
  • 1A wetland delineation using the methodology described above, can be refuted by either reliable hydrologic records or site specific hydrologic data which indicate that neither inundation for at least seven consecutive days, nor saturation for at least twenty consecutive days, occurs during conditions which represent long-term hydrologic conditions. Hydrologic records or site specific hydrologic data must be of such a duration, frequency, and accuracy to demonstrate that the records or data are representative of the long-term hydrologic conditions, including the variability in quantity and seasonality of rainfall. When sufficient amounts of either reliable hydrologic records or site specific hydrologic data are not available to prove that the wetland area of concern does not inundate or saturate as described above, a site-specific field-verified analytic or numerical model may be used to demonstrate that the wetland area no longer inundates or saturates regularly or periodically under typical long-term hydrologic conditions. Before initiating the use of a model to evaluate if a wetland delineation should be refuted based on hydrologic conditions, the applicant or petitioner shall first meet with the appropriate regulating agency and reach an agreement on the terms of study, including data collection, the specific model, model development and calibration, and model verification. If the data, analyses, or models are deemed inadequate based on the hydrologic conditions being addressed, the regulating agency shall provide a case-by-case review of the applicability of any data, analyses, or models and shall provide specific reasons, based on generally accepted scientific and engineering practices, why they are inadequate.

    253Specific Authority 255373.421 FS. 257Law Implemented 259373.421, 260373.4211 FS. 262History–New 7-1-94, Formerly 17-340.550.