62-340.750. Exemption for Surface Waters or Wetlands Created by Mosquito Control Activities

Effective on Friday, July 1, 1994
  • 1Construction, alteration, operation, maintenance, removal, and abandonment of stormwater management systems, dams, impoundments, reservoirs, appurtenant works, or works, in, on or over lands that have become surface waters or wetlands solely because of mosquito control activities undertaken as part of a governmental mosquito control program, and which lands were neither surface waters nor wetlands before such activities, shall be exempt from the rules adopted by the department and water management districts to implement subsections 75373.414(1) 76through 77373.414(6), 78373.414(8), 79and 80373.414(10), F.S.; 82and subsection 84373.414(7), F.S., 86regarding any authority granted pursuant to Section 93373.414, F.S. 95(1991). Activities exempted under this section shall not be considered in determining whether any wetland permitting threshold is met or exceeded under part IV of Chapter 373, F.S. This exemption shall not affect the regulation of impacts on other surface waters or wetlands, or the application of state water quality standards to waters as defined in subsection 152403.031(13), F.S., 154including standards applicable to Outstanding Florida Waters.

    161Specific Authority 163373.414(9) FS. 165Law Implemented 167373.414(9) FS. 169History–New 7-1-94, Formerly 17-340.750.