62-4. Permits  

62-4.001. Scope of Part I
62-4.020. Definitions
62-4.021. Transferability of Definitions (Repealed)
62-4.030. General Prohibition
62-4.040. Exemptions
62-4.050. Procedures to Obtain Permits and Other Authorizations; Applications
62-4.052. Regulatory Program and Surveillance Fees for Wastewater Facilities or Activities Discharging to Surface Waters
62-4.053. Annual Operating License Fees for Public Water Systems
62-4.055. Permit Processing
62-4.060. Consultation (Repealed)
62-4.070. Standards for Issuing or Denying Permits; Issuance; Denial
62-4.080. Modification of Permit Conditions
62-4.090. Renewals
62-4.100. Suspension and Revocation
62-4.110. Financial Responsibility (Repealed)
62-4.120. Transfer of Permits
62-4.130. Plant Operation - Problems
62-4.150. Review (Repealed)
62-4.160. Permit Conditions
62-4.200. Scope of Part II
62-4.210. Construction Permits (Repealed)
62-4.220. Operation Permit for New Sources (Repealed)
62-4.240. Operation Permits for Water Pollution Sources (Repealed)
62-4.241. Whole Effluent Toxicity Limits
62-4.242. Antidegradation Permitting Requirements; Outstanding Florida Waters; Outstanding National Resource Waters
62-4.243. Exemptions from Water Quality Criteria
62-4.244. Mixing Zones: Surface Waters
62-4.246. Sampling, Testing Methods, and Method Detection Limits for Water Pollution Sources
62-4.249. Preservation of Rights (Repealed)
62-4.250. Water Pollution Temporary Operation Permits; Conditions (Repealed)
62-4.510. Scope of Part III
62-4.520. Definition
62-4.530. Procedures
62-4.540. General Conditions for All General Permits