62-4.040. Exemptions  

Effective on Wednesday, August 31, 1988
  • 1(1) The following installations are exempted from the permit requirements of this chapter. The following exemptions do not relieve any installation from any other requirements of Chapter 403, F.S., or rules of the Department. Other installations may be exempted under other chapters of Title 62.

    46(a) Structural changes which will not change the quality, nature or quantity of air and water contaminant emissions or discharges or which will not cause pollution.

    72(b) Any existing or proposed installation which the Department shall determine does not or will not cause the issuance of air or water contaminants in sufficient quantity, with respect to its character, quality or content, and the circumstances surrounding its location, use and operation, as to contribute significantly to the pollution problems within the State, so that the regulation thereof is not reasonably justified. Such a determination is agency action and is subject to Chapter 120, F.S. Such determination shall be made in writing and filed by the Department as a public record. Such determination may be revoked if the installation is substantially modified or the basis for the exemption is determined to be materially incorrect.

    188(2) These exemptions do not apply to the discharge to waters of the state from any article, machine, equipment, contrivance or their exhaust system, which contains water-borne radioactive material in concentrations above the natural radioactive background concentration in the receiving water.

    229Specific Authority 231403.061, 232403.805 FS. 234Law Implemented 236403.021, 237403.031, 238403.061, 239403.087, 240403.088, 241403.802, 242403.805, 243403.813 FS. 245History– Formerly 17-4.03(2), FAC., New 3-4-72, Revised 5-17-72, Amended 8-7-73, 6-10-75; Joint Administrative Procedures Committee Objection filed – See FAW Vol. 1, No. 28, 7-18-75, Amended 10-26-75, 7-8-76; Joint Administrative Procedures Objection withdrawn – See FAW Vol. 3, No. 30, 7-29-77, Amended 7-13-78, 3-1-79, 3-11-81, 7-8-82, 3-31-83, 3-15-84, 12-10-84; Joint Administrative Procedures Committee Objection filed – See FAW Vol. 11, No. 11, 3-15-85, Amended 5-8-85; Amendments effective 6-24-85 – See Ch. 85-334, Laws of Florida; Joint Administrative Procedures Committee Objection withdrawn – See FAW Vol. 11, No. 51, 12-20-85, Formerly 17-4.04, Amended 3-17-86, 8-31-88, Formerly 17-4.040.