62-521.200. Definitions for Wellhead Protection  

Effective on Thursday, July 13, 1995
  • 1For the purpose of this chapter the following definitions shall apply. For other terms used in this chapter, the definitions contained in Chapters 62-520 and 62-522, F.A.C., shall prevail over definitions established elsewhere by Department rule.

    37(1) “Community Water System” means a public water system which serves at least 15 service connections used by year-round residents or regularly serves at least 25 year-round residents.

    65(2) “Existing Installation” means any installation including its zone of discharge established under Chapter 62-522, F.A.C., or other Department rule, regulated under this chapter which, on or before 90 days after the effective date of this chapter, or before the commencement of construction of a potable water well whose wellhead protection area would include that installation: either has a Department construction or operation permit or authorization; has submitted a complete construction permit application; has filed a notice of intent to file an application under Rule 15062-17.041, 151F.A.C., or an application under Rule 15762-17.051, 158F.A.C., or has filed an application or request for a meeting with the Department under Rule 17462-17.540, 175F.A.C.; or is exempt from Department permitting or ground water monitoring requirements. Except as provided in Rule 19262-521.400, 193F.A.C., this chapter does not apply to existing installations.

    202(3) “Installation” means any structure, equipment, facility, or appurtenances thereto, operation, or activity which may be a source of pollution.

    222(4) “New Installation” means any installation other than an existing installation as defined in subsection (2) above.

    239(5) “Non-Transient Non-Community Water System” means a public water system that is not a community water system and that regularly serves at least 25 of the same persons over 6 months per year.

    272(6) “Potable Water Well” means any water well which supplies water for human consumption to a community water system or to a non-transient non-community water system. For the purpose of this rule, any potable water well installed by an installation used to serve that installation’s operation is excluded from this definition.

    323(7) “Wellhead Protection Area” means an area designated by the Department consisting of a 500 foot radial setback distance around a potable water well where ground water is provided the most stringent protection measures to protect the ground water source for a potable water well and includes the surface and subsurface area surrounding the well.

    378Specific Authority 380403.061 FS. 382Law Implemented 384403.021, 385403.061 FS. 387History–New 7-13-95.


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