62-555.310. Source and Siting Requirements for Public Water Systems  

Effective on Thursday, August 28, 2003
  • 1(1) Suppliers of water shall obtain raw water from the best available source that is economically sensible and technically possible and shall make an effort to protect the source from contamination.

    32(2) To the extent practicable, suppliers of water and persons constructing public water systems shall avoid locating any part of a new public water system, and any expansion of an existing public water system, at any site that:

    70(a) Is subject to significant risk from contamination that could adversely affect the quality of drinking water or is subject to significant risk from floods, fires, or other disasters that could cause a breakdown of the public water system or any portion thereof; or

    114(b) Except for surface water impoundments, reservoirs, or intake structures (including pumping facilities) and except for underground piping and appurtenances, is within the floodplain of a 100-year flood or is lower than any recorded high tide.

    150Specific Authority 152403.861(9) FS. 154Law Implemented 156403.852(12), 157403.853(1) FS. 159History–New 11-19-87, Formerly 17-22.610, Amended 1-18-89, Formerly 17-555.310, Amended 8-28-03.


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