62-555.405. General Permit for Construction of Water Main Extensions for Public Water Systems  

Effective on Thursday, August 28, 2003
  • 1(1) A general permit is hereby granted to any person for the construction of an extension to public water system mains conveying finished drinking water, provided that the extension is designed in accordance with Part III of this chapter and provided that:

    43(a) Per subsections 4662-4.530(1) 47and 4862-555.520(2), 49F.A.C., 50the person notifies the Department at least 30 days before beginning construction using 63Form 6462-555.900(7), 65Notice of Intent to Use the General Permit for Construction of Water Main Extensions for PWSs, as incorporated into subsection 8562-555.520(2), 86F.A.C. The completed notice form shall be submitted to the appropriate Department of Environmental Protection District Office or Approved County Health Department and shall be accompanied by the permit processing fee described in subsection 12062-555.520(6), 121F.A.C., and listed in paragraph 12662-4.050(4)(p), 127F.A.C.

    128(b) The public water system to which the water main extension will be connected has the capacity necessary to meet the design water demands of all customers to be served by the water main extension, and said public water system is in compliance with applicable planning requirements under Rule 17762-555.348, 178F.A.C.; applicable cross-connection control requirements under Rule 18562-555.360, 186F.A.C.; and all other applicable rules in Chapters 62-550, 62-555, and 62-699, F.A.C.

    199(c) Construction of the water main extension will not include construction of any drinking water treatment, pumping, or storage facilities or any conflict manholes.

    223(d) The water main extension will not be installed in areas contaminated by low-molecular-weight petroleum products or organic solvents.

    242(e) The water main extension will not interconnect previously separate public water systems or create a “new system” as described under subsection 26462-555.525(1), 265F.A.C.

    266(f) No portion of the water main extension will remain dry following completion of construction.

    281(2) This general permit is subject to the general conditions in Rule 29362-4.540, 294F.A.C., and the following specific conditions:

    300(a) If the water main extension being constructed under this general permit was designed under the responsible charge of a professional engineer, the permittee shall retain a Florida-licensed professional engineer in accordance with subsection 33462-555.530(3), 335F.A.C., to take responsible charge of inspecting construction of the water main extension for the purpose of determining in general if the construction proceeds in compliance with this general permit, including the approved preliminary design report for the water main extension.

    376(b) In accordance with subsection 38162-555.530(4), 382F.A.C., the permittee shall have complete record drawings produced for the water main extension being constructed under this general permit.

    402(c) Per Rule 40562-555.345, 406F.A.C., the permittee shall submit a certification of construction completion to the Department and obtain approval, or clearance, from the Department before placing any water main extension constructed under this general permit into operation for any purpose other than disinfection or testing for leaks. This specific condition does not prohibit the permittee from cutting into existing water mains and returning the water mains to operation in accordance with subsection 47562-555.340(5), 476F.A.C., without the Department’s approval.

    481Specific Authority 483403.814(1), 484403.861(9) FS. 486Law Implemented 488403.0877, 489403.814(1), 490(4), 491403.861(7), 492(9), (10) FS. History–New 7-8-82, Formerly 17-4.63, 17-4.630, 17-22.801, Amended 1-18-89, 1-1-93, Formerly 17-555.540, Amended 12-19-94, 12-10-96, 8-28-03.


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