62-600.520. Discharge to Surface Waters - (Coastal and Open Ocean)  

Effective on Monday, February 8, 2016
  • 1(1) Outfalls for all facilities shall not discharge reclaimed water or effluent to coastal or open ocean waters which does not meet, at a minimum, applicable secondary treatment and pH crit32eria contained in Rules 3662-600.420 37and 3862-600.445, 39F.A.C. Where applicable, discharges to coastal waters shall be subject to the limitations of Rule 5462-4.242, 55F.A.C., regarding Outstanding Florida Waters, and subsections 6262-600.510(5) 63and 6462-600.510(6), 65F.A.C., regarding discharges to Class II waters and waters contiguous to 76or tributary to 79Class II waters, respectively.

    83(2) Outfalls for all facilities shall not discharge effluent or reclaimed water to Class III coastal waters which has not also received basic disinfection prior to the discharge. Outfalls for all facilities shall not discharge effluent to open ocean waters without also being disinfected to the extent necessary to achieve Class III microbiological standards at the edge of the mixing zone established pursuant to subsection 14862-600.520(3), 149F.A.C. If basic disinfection is not provided, the preliminary design report shall affirmatively demonstrate the level of disinfection that is more appropriate.

    171(3) Mixing zones for effluent discharges via ocean outfalls may be established as follows:

    185(a) All coastal water discharge facilities shall be subject to the applicable provisions of Rule 20062-4.244, 201F.A.C.

    202(b) All open ocean water discharge facilities shall be subject to the applicable provisions of Rule 21862-4.244, 219F.A.C., except that:

    2221. Appropriate dimensions of the mixing zone, for effluents having received treatment in accordance with subsections 23862-600.520(1) 239and 24062-600.520(2), 241F.A.C., and discharged from new facilities or modifications of existing facilities, shall be established by the permittee pursuant to the provisions of subsection 26462-600.520(5), 265F.A.C.

    2662. Mixing zone criteria currently applicable to existing facilities shall be modified if necessary to meet Department rules by order of the Secretary, pursuant to subsection 29262-600.520(5), 293F.A.C.

    294(4) Alternative levels of treatment shall be allowed for ocean outfall discharges to open ocean waters provided the following are met:

    315(a) The Secretary issues an order, upon petition of an affected permittee and after public hearing, that specifies alternatives to treatment requirements of subsection 33962-600.420(2) 340and Rule 34262-600.520, 343F.A.C.; and mixing zone requirements of Rule 35062-4.244, 351F.A.C.; and,

    353(b) Such order shall remain in effect as long as applicable water quality criteria specified in Chapter 62-302, F.A.C., are met and the effluent meets statutory treatment requirements; however,

    382(c) Such order shall be issued only after affirmative demonstration by the Petitioner of the following:

    3981. Granting the order is in the public interest; and,

    4082. Compliance with minimum treatment standards and requirements in subsection 41862-600.420(2) 419and Rule 42162-600.520, 422F.A.C., for these discharges is not required to assure adequate protection of public health and the marine environment; and,

    4413. Granting the order will not interfere with existing uses or the designated uses of the receiving waters or contiguous waters, or otherwise impair the recreational use, bathing waters, or economic values associated with the area potentially affected by the discharge; and,

    4834. There is no reasonable relationship between the economic, social, and environmental costs of compliance with the treatment requirements and the benefits associated therewith; and,

    5085. Oceanographic features influencing the effects of the proposed discharge support the proposed level of treatment and any proposed extent of the mixing zone; and,

    5336. The facility will be constructed (where applicable) and operated so that there is no occurrence of inadequately treated wastewater reaching contiguous coastal waters; and,

    5587. An acceptable monitoring program for the discharge has been proposed and would be implemented by the permittee.

    576(5) Discharges from outfalls to coastal recreation waters shall meet the criteria for enterococci established in 59240 CFR Part 131.41, 596July 1, 2013 (600http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-03209602), hereby adopted and incorporated by reference.

    609Rulemaking 610Authority 611403.051, 612403.061, 613403.086, 614403.087, 615403.088 FS. 617Law Implemented 619403.021, 620403.051, 621403.061, 622403.062, 623403.085, 624403.086, 625403.087, 626403.088, 627403.859 FS. 629History–New 11-27-89, Amended 1-30-91, Formerly 17-600.520, Amended 10-11-13, 2-8-16.


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