62-600.735. Operation and Maintenance Performance Report  

Effective on Monday, February 8, 2016
  • 1(1) All applications to renew permits for treatment, reuse, or disposal facilities as required by Form 1762-620.910(2), 18F.A.C., shall include a detailed operation and maintenance performance report. This report will be used, in part, to establish reasonable assurances that these facilities will meet permit limitations during the period for which the permit is requested.

    55(2) The report shall be jointly prepared by staff responsible for operation of these facilities, by the permittee or the permittee’s delegated representative, and by a professional engineer registered in Florida.

    86(3) The report shall evaluate the capability of treatment, reuse, and disposal facilities to function as intended during the period for which the permit is requested.

    112(4) The report shall:

    116(a) Evaluate the physical condition of each treatment unit, the treatment efficiencies of each treatment process, the overall treatment efficiency of the treatment plant, performance trends, and the operation and maintenance program.

    148(b) Identify physical, capacity, performance, and operation and maintenance problems and deficiencies which need immediate attention and areas which are potential problems. The report shall identify the consequences if these problems and deficiencies are not corrected in a timely fashion.

    188(c) Provide recommendations and schedules for corrective actions.

    196(d) Evaluate the following components, systems, and processes, if included in the facilities being considered for permit renewal:

    2141. Pumping facilities (raw wastewater, intermediate, recirculation, biosolids, effluent, or reclaimed water pump stations).

    2282. Preliminary treatment (screens, grit chambers, comminutors).

    2353. Primary, intermediate, and final clarifiers (structures, scum and biosolids removal equipment, baffles, weirs, sand and grit accumulation).

    2534. Activated sludge system (blowers, mechanical aerators, aeration system, return sludge system, diffusers, sand and grit accumulation).

    2705. Trickling filters (wastewater distribution system, media, filter bottom, blowers).

    2806. Rotating biological contactors (drive mechanisms, media integrity).

    2887. Filters (media, distribution equipment, filter bottoms, backwash facilities).

    2978. Coagulation/flocculation (mixers, motors, flocculators, drives).

    3039. Nutrient removal systems.

    30710. Disinfection (contact chambers, chlorinators, ozonators, ultraviolet systems).

    31511. Biosolids treatment and handling (thickeners, chemical conditioning, aerobic digesters, anaerobic digesters, biosolids collection equipment, heat exchange facilities, gas collection equipment).

    33612. Biosolids dewatering (drying beds, filter presses, vacuum filters).

    34513. Chemical feed facilities.

    34914. Blowers and motors associated with treatment processes.

    35715. Instrumentation and monitoring equipment.

    36216. Sample collection and laboratory analysis.

    36817. Effluent or reclaimed water pumping and transmission facilities (pumps, motors, valves).

    38018. Outfalls.

    38219. Injection wells.

    38520. Reuse systems.

    38821. Wetlands systems.

    391(5) The collection system shall not be evaluated unless treatment plant problems result from the operation of collection and transmission facilities (such as excessive infiltration/inflow, septic wastewater, introduction of toxic substances, or lack of controls on industrial wastewater discharges to the collection system).

    434(6) The report shall be signed by the owner and the facility’s lead operator and shall be signed and sealed by a professional engineer registered in Florida.

    461Rulemaking Authority 463403.051, 464403.061, 465403.086, 466403.087, 467403.088 FS. 469Law Implemented 471403.021, 472403.051, 473403.061, 474403.087, 475403.088 FS. 477History–New 1-30-91, Formerly 17-600.735, Amended 12-24-96, 2-8-16.


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