62-602. Water Or Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators And Distribution System Operators  

62-602.200. Definitions
62-602.230. Approval of Residence or Correspondence Courses
62-602.250. Criteria for Determining Eligible Experience
62-602.270. Eligibility for Operator Examinations
62-602.300. Qualifications for Operator Licensure
62-602.350. Approval of Residence or Correspondence Courses (Repealed)
62-602.360. Licensing Requirements for Non-Florida Operators
62-602.410. Applications for Examination
62-602.420. Applications for License
62-602.430. Application Processing for Examinations and license
62-602.450. Notification to Applicants for Examinations
62-602.500. Examination Administration
62-602.530. Conduct at Test Site and During Reviews
62-602.550. Grading of Examinations and Grade Notification
62-602.560. Candidates' Post Exam Review (Repealed)
62-602.570. Formal Administrative Hearing Petition and Pre-hearing Review Request
62-602.580. Use of Operator Examinations
62-602.600. Fees for Operator Examinations and Licensure
62-602.650. Duties of Operators
62-602.660. Technical Manuals
62-602.700. Operator Licensing
62-602.710. Renewal of Operator Licenses
62-602.720. Inactive Status of License; Reactivation Procedures
62-602.750. Denial of Application or Renewal of Licenses
62-602.800. Grounds for Disciplinary Proceedings
62-602.850. Disciplinary Guidelines
62-602.870. Suspension and Revocation of Operator License
62-602.880. Consecutive Public Water System Operator Licenses (Repealed)
62-602.900. Forms for the Operator Certification Program (Repealed)