62-602.230. Approval of Residence or Correspondence Courses  

Effective on Monday, October 15, 2007
  • 1Educational courses for training of operators shall be approved by type and 13class or 15level of training provided. The Department shall approve operator training courses 26that have a 29course content meet32ing 33Department 34standards 35as provided in the Department’s 40Water, Wastewater, & Distribution Operator Knowledge Base Manual 2007, 49hereby adopted and incorporated by reference55. 56Copies of th59is 60document may be obtained from the Department of Environmental Protection, Operator Certification Program, Mail Station 3506, 762600 Blair Stone Road, 80Tallahassee, 81Florida 8232399-240083.

    84(1) Residence courses shall be 89approv90ed for two years and can be re-approved upon request. 100The application for approval of a residence course shall contain the following:

    112(a) Title of the course, the 118type and class or 122level of the 125course, 126and the total classroom hours;

    131(b) A statement 134describing 135the curriculum 137and 138materials 139that 140will be used;

    143(c) A statement that the course will meet Department 152standards as provided in the Department’s 158Water, Wastewater, & Distribution Operator Knowledge Base Manual 2007 167for the type and 171class or 173level of the course offered; and

    179(180d181) 182A statement of the q187ualifications, 188obligat189ions, and responsibilities 192of the 194primary 195instructor. 196The primary instructor is responsible for developing or reviewing the course curriculum and ensuring the curriculum meets Department standards as provided in the Department’s 220Water, Wastewater, & Distribution Operator Knowledge Base Manual 2007. 229The primary instructor may have additional experts assist with or instruct areas of specialized training. Primary instructors shall sign all certificates of completion and notify the Department when a change occurs in the primary instructor of an approved course.

    268(2) Residence courses shall not be approved unless an application as described in subsection (1) above is submitted more than 60 days 290before the first day of class.

    296(3) Approval for a correspondence course shall be for as long as the materials are current and applicable to the training needed by 319Florida 320operators. The Department shall review the materials every two years to determine if the course is current. Approval of correspondence courses 341only 342shall be granted by the Department for courses that meet the 353standards in the Department’s 357Water, Wastewater, & Distribution Operator Knowledge Base Manual 2007366. The publisher or provider of a correspondence course shall submit copies of the text and materials, including tests, to the Department for approval. The application shall outline how the provider will interact with the student, how many lessons will be contained in the course, how much time the student is expected to spend on the course, how successful completion of the course will be indicated, and how frequently the course will be revised to reflect changing technology or new techniques of treatment. The provider of the course shall notify the Department when revisions are made and shall provide the Department with a copy of the revised materials.

    474(4) The Department shall periodically publish a list of the approved courses. The list shall be available upon request to the Operator Certification Office, Department of Environmental Protection, Mail Station 3506, 5052600 Blair Stone Road, 509Tallahassee, 510Florida 51132399-2400512.

    513Specific Authority 515403.869, 516403.872 FS. 518Law Implemented 520403.1832, 521403.8533, 522403.872 FS. 524History–New 2-6-02, 526Amended 10-15-07.


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