62-602.270. Eligibility for Operator Examinations  

Effective on Monday, October 15, 2007
  • 1(1) To be eligible for operator licensing examinations, 9the applicant must meet the following criteria:

    16(a) Have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

    25(b) 26For Class A, B, or C treatment plant operator examinations and Level 1, 2, or 3 water distribution system operator examinations, h48ave successfully completed a 52Department-approved 53training course for the class 58or 59level of the examination to be taken no more than 5 years before the examination.

    74(c) 75Treatment plant operators must b80e currently licensed as follows:

    851. Licensed 87as a Class 90B 91operator 92to take the 95Class 96A examination.

    982. Licensed 100as a Class 103C 104operator 105to take the 108Class 109B examination.

    111(d) Water distribution system operators must be currently licensed as follows:

    1221. Licensed as a Level 2 operator to take the Level 1 examination.

    1352. Licensed as a Level 3 operator to take the Level 2 examination.

    148(2) Operators from other states must meet the requirements of 158Rule 15962-602.360, 160F.A.C.

    161Note: To be eligible for licensure, all of the applicable requirements of Rule 17462-602.300, 175F.A.C., must be met.

    179Specific Authority 181403.869 FS. 183Law Implemented 185403.1832, 186403.8533, 187403.872 FS. 189History–New 1902-6-02, 191Amended 19210-15-07193.


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