62-602.360. Licensing Requirements for Non-Florida Operators  

Effective on Monday, October 15, 2007
  • 1Operators licensed in other states must meet the following requirements to obtain a 14Florida 15license:

    16(1) Have a high school diploma or its equivalent;

    25(2) Have successfully completed a 30Department-approved 31training course for the class 36or 37level of the license being requested no more than 5 years before the application;

    51(3) Have the required experience specified in Rule 5962-602.300, 60F.A.C., for the 63class or 65level of license being requested;

    70(4) Possess an active license equivalent to the 78class or 80level of license being requested;

    85(5) Obtain a passing score on the licensing examination, as provided for in paragraph 9962-602.550(1)(a), 100F.A.C., for the 103class or 105level of license being requested. For the purpose of obtaining a license, the examination will satisfy the examination criterion for licensing for a period of four years from the date a passing score is obtained.

    140Specific Authority 142403.869 FS. 144Law Implemented 146403.1832, 147403.8533, 148403.872 FS. 150History–New 1512-6-02, 152Amended 15310-15-07154.


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