62-602.500. Examination Administration  

Effective on Monday, October 15, 2007
  • 1(1) During the examination, candidates must follow the instructions of the examination supervisor. The instructions shall be provided to the candidates in written form, and shall be read to the candidates by the examination supervisor. The candidates will be permitted to ask reasonable questions of the Department’s examination supervisor and proctors relating to the instructions.

    56(2) The Department’s admission notice for the specified examination and a government-issued photo identification, such as driver’s license, must be presented in order to gain admission to the examination. A valid government-issued photo identification shall be acceptable in the absence of the admission notice provided the candidate’s name appears on the examination admission roster that has been prepared by the Department for the specific examination.

    121(3) If a candidate arrives at the designated testing location after the designated starting time, the candidate will be permitted to take the examination only after the candidate has signed a statement clearly indicating the candidate’s late arrival time, and has agreed that the candidate will have only the remaining designated time in the examination to complete the examination. Any candidate who refuses to sign such a statement will be disqualified from the examination and may apply to the Department for scheduling for the next examination. If the late candidate arrives after any other candidate has already finished the examination and left the examination room, the late candidate will be disqualified from the examination and may apply to the Department for scheduling for the next examination. The exam fee will not be refunded in either situation described above.

    259(4) All examination booklets, answer sheets, and other examination papers and materials are the sole property of the Department. No candidate shall take any of the examination booklets, answer sheets, answers, or other examination papers or materials from the examination room, or retain, reproduce or compromise the materials in whole or in part by any means or method.

    317(3185319) The examinations will consist of multiple-choice questions. All questions are equally weighted. Knowledge, skills, or abilities to be tested shall be determined by the Department and reviewed by the exam review committee.

    352(3536354) If through no fault of the candidate, the candidate is not allowed the standard allotted time to complete the examination, additional time may be allowed upon approval of the examination supervisor. If materials are lost by the Department, or other problems occur because of the Department’s inaction or negligence, the Department shall permit reexamination in those areas at no charge at the next available regularly scheduled examination.

    422Specific Authority 424403.869 FS. 426Law Implemented 428403.872 FS. 430History–New 43112-30-99, 432Amended 43310-15-07434.


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