62-602.580. Use of Operator Examinations  

Effective on Monday, October 15, 2007
  • 1(1) Operator examinations will be developed by or for the Department, or the Department will use available national operator examinations.

    21(2) A national examination is an examination developed by or for a national or multi-state professional association, board, council, or society (hereinafter referred to as organization) and administered for the purpose of assessing entry-level skills necessary to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public from incompetent practice and meets the following standards:

    75(a) The purpose of the examination shall be to establish entry-level standards of practice that shall be common to all practitioners;

    96(b) The practice of the profession at the national level must be defined through an occupational survey with a representative sample of all practitioners and professional practices; and

    124(c) The examination must assess the scope of practice and the entry skills defined by the national occupational survey.

    143(3) The organization that develops a national examination, or for which a national examination is developed, as discussed in subsection (2) above must meet the following requirements:

    170(a) The organization must be recognized by practitioners across the nation in the form of representatives from the States or shall have membership representing a substantial number of the nation’s or states’ practitioners who have been licensed through the national examination.

    211(b) The organization shall be the responsible body for overseeing the development and scoring of the national examination.

    229(c) The organization shall provide security guidelines for the development and grading of the national examination and shall oversee the enforcement of these guidelines.

    253(4) 254Written examinations developed by or for the Department may include trial test or experimental questions for the purpose of evaluating the statistical or psychometric qualities of new or revised questions prior to their use in an examination. Trial test or experimental questions will not be identified to the candidates as trial test questions on the examination.

    310(311a312) The maximum number of trial test questions included in a single examination shall not exceed 20 percent of the total number of questions on the examination, or ten (10) questions, whichever is greater.

    346(347b348) Trial test questions shall not be counted toward the candidate’s score on the examination. Answers to trial test questions shall not be subject to review by the candidates during the candidate’s review process. Additional time will not be given to complete an examination that contains trial questions.

    396Specific Authority 398403.869 FS. 400Law Implemented 402403.1832, 403403.8533, 404403.872 FS. 406History–New 12-30-99, 408Amended 10-15-07.


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