62-602.660. Technical Manuals  

Effective on Monday, October 15, 2007
  • 1The following technical manuals are incorporated by reference 9herein and are to be used to establish professionally accepted treatment plant 21or water distribution system 25operation. These manuals are available from the sources listed below.

    35(1) 36Domestic 37Wastewater Treatment Plants.

    40(a) 41Operation 42of Wastewater Treatment Plants, 46Volume I48. 49Sixth 50Edition, 51200452. 53California 54State 55University 56Sacramento, 57Office of Water Programs, 616000 J Street, 64Sacramento, 65California 6695819-602567.

    68(b) 69Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants, 74Volume II. 76Sixth 77Edition, 782790080381. 82California 83State 84University 85Sacramento, 86Office of Water Programs, 906000 J Street, 93Sacramento, 94California 9595819-602596.

    97(c) 98Advanced Waste Treatment. 101Fifth 102Edition, 1032006104. 105California 106State 107University 108Sacramento, 109Office of Water Programs, 1136000 J Street, 116Sacramento, 117California 11895819-6025119.

    120(d) 121Small Wastewater Systems Operation and Maintenance, 127Volume I. First Edition, 1997. 132California 133State 134University 135Sacramento, 136Office of Water Programs, 1406000 J Street, 143Sacramento, 144California 14595819-6025146.

    147(e) 148Small Wastewater Systems Operation and Maintenance, 154Volume II. First Edition, 2002. 159California 160State 161University 162Sacramento, 163Office of Water Programs, 1676000 J Street, 170Sacramento, 171California 17295819-6025173.

    174(f) 175Operation of 177Municipal 178Wastewater Treatment Plants, 181Volumes I-III, WEF Manual of Practice 11. Fifth Edition, 1996. 191Water 192Environment 193Federation, 194Publications Order Department, 197601 Wythe Street, 200Alexandria, 201Virginia 20222314-1994203.

    204(2) Water Treatment Plants 208and Water Distribution Systems212.

    213(a) 214Water Treatment Plant Operation, 218Volume I. 220Fifth 221Edition, 2222004223. 224California 225State 226University 227Sacramento, 228Office of Water Programs, 2326000 J Street, 235Sacramento, 236California 23795819-6025238.

    239(b) 240Water Treatment Plant Operation, 244Volume II. 246Fourth 247Edition, 2482004249. 250California 251State 252University 253Sacramento, 254Office of Water Programs, 2586000 J Street, 261Sacramento, 262California 26395819-6025264.

    265(c) 266Water Distribution System Operation and Maintenance. 272Fi273fth 274Edition, 2752005276. 277California 278State 279University 280Sacramento, 281Office of Water Programs, 2856000 J Street, 288Sacramento, 289California 29095819-6025291.

    292(d) 293Small Water System Operation and Maintenance. 299Fourth Edition, 2002. 302California 303State 304University 305Sacramento, 306Office of Water Programs, 3106000 J Street, 313Sacramento, 314California 31595819-6025316.

    317(e) 318Water Treatment Operator Handbook, 322American Water Works Association (AWWA). Revised Edition, 2005. AWWA, 3316666 West Quincy Avenue, 335Denver, 336Colorado 33780235338.

    339(f) 340Water Distribution Operator Training Handbook, 345American Water Works Association (AWWA). Third Edition, 2005. AWWA, 3546666 West Quincy Avenue, 358Denver, 359Colorado 36080235361.

    362(g) 363American Water Works Association (AWWA) Standard C651-05, Disinfecting Water Mains; AWWA Standard C652-02, Disinfection of Water-Storage Facilities; AWWA Standard C653-03, Disinfection of Water Treatment Plants; and AWWA Standard C654-03, Disinfection of Wells. AWWA, 3966666 West Quincy Avenue, 400Denver, 401Colorado 40280235403.

    404(h) 405Recommended Practice for Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control, 413AWWA Manual M14, Third Edition, 2004419. 420American Water Works Association, 4246666 West Quincy Avenue, 428Denver, 429Colorado 43080235431.

    432(i) 433“Guidelines for the Issuance of Precautionary Boil Water Notices,” 443December 11, 2006446. Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Water Programs, 4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin # C22, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1742.

    465Specific 466Authority 467403.869 FS. 469Law Implemented 471403.867, 472403.875 FS. 474History–New 47512-30-99, 476Amended 47710-15-07478.

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