62-602.710. Renewal of Operator Licenses  

Effective on Monday, October 15, 2007
  • 1(1) All active licenses remain active until the end of the current biennium as indicated on the license, except as specified in 23subsection 2462-602.700(1) 25and Rule 2762-602.870, 28F.A.C. The effective date of an active license shall be the first day of the current biennium or the date the required renewal fee 52and documentation of completion of CEUs 58are received, whichever is later. Each biennium extends through the 30th of April of odd numbered years.

    75(2) At least 90 days before an active license expires, the Department shall mail renewal notices to the operator’s last address of record. However, failure to receive a renewal notice shall not excuse the licensee from timely renewal.

    113(3) To retain an active status following the end of each biennium, the following must be submitted to the Department in a timely manner.

    137(a) The current name, address, social security number, and the license type and level.

    151(b) A certification acknowledging the following:

    1571. Completion of all requirements for license renewal set forth by the Department;

    1702. That during the upcoming licensure period the applicant may be required to produce proof that all license renewal requirements for that licensure period were met; and

    1973. That failure to comply with license renewal requirements, or making a false statement as to such compliance, will subject the applicant to disciplinary action or criminal prosecution.

    225(c) Submittal of the renewal notice is acceptable for paragraph (a) and (b) above if the correct, current information required above is provided and the notice is signed by the licensee.

    256(d) The fee specified in subsection 26262-602.600263(2643265) 266or (7), 268F.A.C.

    269(e) Documentation of successful completion of CEUs as required in subsection 28062-602.710(4), 281F.A.C.

    282(4) CEUs shall be required for renewal of operator licenses beginning after the renewal cycle ending April 30, 2001. CEUs must be approved by the Department for credit to be given, and the required number of units shall be earned in the two years directly preceding the request for license renewal. Completing an approved training course for the next higher 342class or 344level of license during a renewal cycle will satisfy the CEU requirement for that cycle. CEU requirements are as follows:

    364(a) Two CEUs shall be required for the renewal of a 375Class 376A or B water or domestic wastewater treatment plant operator license.

    387(b) One CEU shall be required for the renewal of each 398Class 399C water or domestic wastewater treatment plant operator license.

    408(c) One-half of one CEU shall be required for the renewal of each 421Class 422D water or domestic wastewater treatment plant operator license 431and each Level 1, 2, 3, or 4 water distribution system operator license444.

    445(d) An individual who has active Class A or B licenses for both drinking water and domestic wastewater shall only be required to obtain 3 CEUs for the renewal of both licenses, but 1.5 CEUs must apply to each type of license; 487CEUs that can be applied to either type of license must be clearly identified as such on the certification, and cannot be concurrently applied to each license. 514An individual who has both an active water treatment plant operator license and an active water distribution system operator license may concurrently apply the same CEUs to each license. 543CEUs for all other combinations of dual licensing shall be additive.

    554(e) A certified operator who is teaching an approved continuing education course shall, upon receipt of documentation, receive credit equal to the CEUs approved for that course.

    581(f) A certified operator who teaches an approved residence course may use this experience for one-half of the required CEUs needed to renew his license.

    606(g) Certificates of completion showing the continuing education credit shall be filed with the request for licensure renewal form and the renewal fee. Electronic confirmation of completion will be accepted from participating institutions in lieu of a certificate of completion. A request for renewal shall be denied if required continuing education cannot be confirmed. The renewal fee shall not be refunded if the license is denied because of insufficient continuing education units.

    678(h) Approval of CEU courses shall be accomplished in accordance with the Department’s “Manual for Approving Continuing Education Courses for Operator Licensing,” that may be obtained by writing to Department of Environmental Protection, Operator Certification Program, Mail Station 3506, 2600 Blair Stone Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2400.

    725(i) Topics for continuing education include operation and control of a treatment plant 738or water distribution system, 742troubleshooting treatment processes, 745troubleshooting to determine the causes of water quality complaints, 754health and safety, employee and community right-to-know notification procedures, toxic and hazardous materials handling procedures, solids and residuals control, supervision and management, basic chemistry and biology, mathematics of the treatment process 785or water distribution system, 789laboratory sampling procedures, equipment 793or water main 796maintenance and repair, computer applications for water or wastewater treatment 806or water distribution, 809blue print reading, government813al 814rules and procedures, 817security, and emergency response821.

    822Specific Authority 824403.869 FS. 826Law Implemented 828403.1832, 829403.8532, 830403.8533, 831403.873 FS. 833History–New 12-30-99, Amended 2-6-02, 83710-15-07838.

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