62-602.720. Inactive Status of License; Reactivation Procedures  

Effective on Sunday, January 24, 2010
  • 1(1) Any license shall revert to inactive status if the requirements of subsection 1462-602.710(3), 15F.A.C., have not been met.

    20(2) A licensee with an inactive status may apply to reactivate the license during the two-year period following the deadline for the last renewal cycle.

    45(3) To reactivate the license, the licensee shall meet the requirements in subsection 5862-602.710(3), 59F.A.C., including 61submitting 62the renewal fee, and 66shall submit 68the reactivation fee specified in subsection 7462-602.60075(76577), F.A.C.

    79(4) The license of an inactive licensee that does not achieve active status within two years following the end of the most recent licensing period shall be expired 107(null and void), 110and subsequent licensure will require meeting all the requirements for 120the type, and class or level of license sought129.

    130Rulemaking 131Authority 132403.869 FS. 134Law Implemented 136403.1832, 137403.8533, 138403.874 FS. 140History–New 12-30-99, 142Amended 10-15-07, 1441-24-10.

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