62-602.800. Grounds for Disciplinary Proceedings  

Effective on Monday, October 15, 2007
  • 1The following acts or omissions are grounds for disciplinary actions:

    11(1) Practicing as a licensed operator on a revoked, suspended, or inactive license.

    24(2) Any operator of a 29public water system or domestic wastewater treatment plant, 37licensed operator, supplier of water, or permittee of a domestic wastewater treatment plant who employs any person to perform the duties of an operator, as identified in Rule 6562-602.650, 66F.A.C., who is not licensed.

    71(3) Any person fulfilling operator staffing requirements under Chapter 62-699, F.A.C., without an active license of the appropriate level and type.

    92(4) An operator performing treatment plant 98or water distribution system 102operation in a manner that is not consistent with standard operating practices.

    114(5) An operator who has knowingly or negligently submitted misleading, false, or inaccurate information as documentation for licensure, laboratory results, or operational reports.

    137(6) Failure to maintain required reports or records required to be maintained by operators by the Department.

    154(7) Failure to comply with any provision of Sections 163403.865 164through 165403.876, 166F.S., this chapter, or Department rules pertaining to water or domestic wastewater treatment plants 180or water distribution systems184.

    185(8) Failure to comply with an order of the Department previously entered in a disciplinary action.

    201Specific Authority 203403.869 FS. 205Law Implemented 207403.1832, 208403.8533, 209403.875, 210403.876 FS. 212History–New 12-30-99, Amended 2-6-02, 21610-15-07217.

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