62-604.500. Operation and Maintenance  

Effective on Thursday, November 6, 2003
  • 1(1) Even though operation permits are not issued for collection systems, the operation and maintenance provisions of Rule 1962-604.500, 20F.A.C., are applicable to both new and existing domestic wastewater collection/transmission facilities.

    32(2) All collection/transmission systems shall be operated and maintained so as to provide uninterrupted service as required by this rule.

    52(3) All equipment necessary for the collection/transmission of domestic wastewater, including equipment provided pursuant to subsection 6862-604.400(2), 69F.A.C., shall be maintained so as to function as intended. In the event odor, noise or lighting adversely affect neighboring developed areas at levels prohibited by paragraph 9662-604.400(2)(c), 97F.A.C., corrective action (which may include modifications of the collection/transmission system) shall be taken by the permittee. Other corrective action may be required to ensure compliance with rules of the Department.

    128(4) Copies of record drawings and the operation and maintenance manual shall be available at a site within the boundaries of the district office or delegated local program permitting the collection/transmission system, for use by operation and maintenance personnel and for inspection by Department personnel.

                  173(a) The operation and maintenance manual shall provide for reliable and efficient operation and maintenance of the collection/ transmission system.

                  193(b)              194The detail of the operation and maintenance manual shall be consistent with the complexity of the system. The manual shall be developed in accordance with the technical guidance document contained in paragraph 22662-604.300(4)(i), 227F.A.C., and the unique requirements of the individual wastewater facility and shall provide the operator with adequate information and description regarding the design, operation, and maintenance features of the facility involved, including an emergency response plan.

                  263(c)               264The operation and maintenance manual shall be revised periodically to reflect any alterations performed or to reflect experience resulting from operation.

                  285(d)              286A new operation and maintenance manual is not required to be developed for each project if there is already an existing manual that is applicable to the facilities being constructed.

    316Specific Authority 318403.061, 319403.087 FS. 321Law Implemented 323403.021, 324403.061, 325403.087, 326403.088 FS. 328History–New 11-27-89, Amended 6-4-92, Formerly 17-604.500, Amended 12-26-96, 11-6-03.


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