62-604.600. Procedure to Obtain Construction Permits  

Effective on Thursday, November 6, 2003
  •               1(1)               2Except as noted in subsection (2) below, either a general or individual construction permit is required for the construction or modification of any collection/transmission system in accordance with subsections (6) and (7) below.

                  35(2)               36The following activities do not require a collection system permit.

                  46(a)                                           47Replacement of any facilities with new facilities of the same capacity at the same location as the facilities being replaced;

                  67(b)                                           68Construction of any single gravity or non-gravity individual service connection from a single building to a gravity collection system; however, construction of a non-gravity connection from other than a single family residence to an existing force main system requires a permit;

                  109(c)                                          110Construction of a low pressure (grinder pump or STEP) or vacuum sewer individual service connection where the system serving the area has been previously permitted by the Department;

                  138(d)                                           139Installation of odor control facilities;

                  144(e)                                           145Modifications associated with routine maintenance; or

                  151(f)                                           152Modifications associated with ancillary and electrical equipment and structures.

                  161(3)                                           162Each non-contiguous project shall require a separate application and fee pursuant to paragraph 17562-4.050(4)(t), 176F.A.C.

    177(4) Collection/transmission systems can either be constructed under the general permit procedures and criteria specified in Part III, Chapter 62-4, F.A.C., and subsection 20062-604.600(6), 201F.A.C., or by individual permit specified in subsection 20962-604.600(7), 210F.A.C. Permittees shall comply with applicable design/performance criteria contained in this chapter as part of the permitting standards under Chapter 62-4, F.A.C.

                  232(5)              233Collection/transmission system permits shall be issued for a period no longer than five years, unless specifically authorized by the Florida Statutes.

                  254(6)                                           255General Permits.

                  257(a) Except for alternative collection/transmission systems, a general permit is hereby granted to any person for the construction of a wastewater collection/transmission system that has been designed in accordance with the standards and criteria set forth in subsections 29562-604.400(1) 296and (2), F.A.C., provided that:

                  3011.              302Notice to the Department under subsection 30862-4.530(1), 309F.A.C., is submitted on Form 31462-604.300(8)(a) 315at least 30 days prior to initiating construction; and

                  3242.              325The wastewater facility to which the system will be connected:

                  335a.              336Has the capacity to receive the wastewater generated by the proposed collection system;

                  349b.               350Is in compliance with the capacity analysis requirements of Rule 36062-600.405, 361F.A.C.;

                  362c.               363Is not under a Department Order associated with effluent violations or the ability to treat wastewater adequately; and

                  381d.               382Will provide the necessary treatment and disposal as required by Chapter 403, F.S., and applicable Department rules.

                  399(b)               400This general permit is subject to the general conditions of Rule 41162-4.540, 412F.A.C., and the following specific conditions:

                  4181.               419This general permit does not relieve the permittee of the responsibility for obtaining a dredge and fill permit where it is required.

    4412.                                           442This general permit can not be revised, except to transfer the permit.

                  454(7)                            455Individual Permits.             

                  457(a)               458Collection/transmission systems not meeting the general permit criteria in subsection (6) above shall submit an application for an individual permit on Form 48062-604.300(8)(a), 481Notification/Application for Constructing a Domestic Wastewater Collection/ Transmission System, effective November 6, 2003.  Copies of this form and instructions may be obtained by writing to the Bureau of Water Facilities Regulation, Mail Station 3535, Department of Environmental Protection, Twin Towers Office Building, 2600 Blair Stone Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2400. In addition, these forms are available at the Department’s district offices and on the Department’s website.

                  546(b)               547A Department permit shall be obtained prior to construction.

                  556(8) Permit revisions for collection/transmission systems permitted under this rule shall only be made in accordance with paragraph 57462-4.050(4)(s), 575F.A.C. Request for revisions shall be made to the Department in writing and shall include the appropriate fee. Revisions not covered under paragraph 59862-4.050(4)(s), 599F.A.C., shall require a new permit.

                  605(9)                             606If, after review of Form 61162-604.300(8)(a) 612and any supporting documentation, the Department determines that the applicant has not provided reasonable assurance that the construction, modification, expansion, or operation of the installation will be in accordance with applicable laws or rules, including rules of delegated local programs, the Department shall deny the permit or notify the applicant that the general permit cannot be used, as appropriate.

    671Specific Authority 673403.061, 674403.087 FS. 676Law Implemented 678403.021, 679403.061, 680403.062, 681403.085, 682403.086, 683403.087, 684403.088 FS. 686History–New 11-27-89, Amended 6-4-92, Formerly 17-604.600, Amended 11-6-03.


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