62-610.564. Pilot Testing Program  

Effective on Sunday, August 8, 1999
  • 1(1) Pilot testing is required for all projects that are required to provide full treatment and disinfection, as described in subsection 2262-610.563(3), 23F.A.C.

    24(2) The pilot testing program shall be designed to demonstrate the ability of the selected treatment processes to meet the requirements of Part V of Chapter 62-610, F.A.C., and to generate a supply of reclaimed water that can be used to evaluate the suitability of the reclaimed water for ground water recharge or indirect potable reuse. Pilot testing shall be done using wastewater/ reclaimed water.

    89(3) The pilot testing program shall accumulate 12 months of data.

    100(4) The pilot testing program shall include the following:

    109(a) An affirmative demonstration that the treatment and disinfection processes proposed for inclusion in the wastewater treatment facility are capable of meeting the full treatment and disinfection requirements contained in subsection 14062-610.563(3), 141F.A.C., and that the reclaimed water will be of sufficient quality to protect public health and environmental quality.

    159(b) An evaluation of Enterovirus, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and helminths in order to demonstrate that the wastewater treatment facilities are capable of producing a reclaimed water that is pathogen free (concentrations of pathogens are less than detection).

    195(c) Results of a biological testing procedure approved by the Department to determine the mutagenicity of the reclaimed water.

    214(d) Reclaimed water quality shall be compared to other sources of drinking water currently used in the area. The reclaimed water shall be of a quality that is the same or better than other sources of drinking water currently used in the area.

    257(5) The Department shall approve reductions in the duration or scope of the pilot testing program if all of the following conditions are met:

    281(a) The applicant provides a detailed plan of study for the Department’s review before initiating the pilot testing program.

    300(b) The detailed plan of study provides an affirmative demonstration that a shorter duration study or reduced scope of study will be sufficient to demonstrate the ability of the proposed treatment processes to meet the reclaimed water limitations and to demonstrate the public health and environmental safety of the reclaimed water to be produced. Results of previous pilot testing programs and operating experience at similar water reclamation and reuse projects may be used as part of the demonstration.

    378Rulemaking Authority 380403.051, 381403.061, 382403.087 FS. 384Law Implemented 386403.021, 387403.051, 388403.061, 389403.062, 390403.085, 391403.086, 392403.087, 393403.088 FS. 395History–New 4-4-89, Amended 4-2-90, Formerly 17-610.564, Amended 1-9-96, 8-8-99.


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