62-620.555. Public Comments and Requests for Public Meetings  

Effective on Tuesday, November 29, 1994
  • 1(1) During the public comment period provided in Rule 1062-620.550, 11F.A.C., any interested person may submit written comments on the draft permit or may request a public meeting, if no public meeting has been scheduled.

    36(2) A request for a public meeting shall be in writing and shall state the nature of the issues proposed to be raised in the meeting.

    62(3) All significant comments, both written to the Department and presented at a public meeting, shall be considered in making the final decision and shall be answered when a final permit is issued. The response shall be available to the public and shall:

    105(a) Specify which provisions, if any, of the draft permit have been changed in the final permit decision, and the reasons for the change; and

    130(b) Briefly describe and respond to all significant comments on the draft permit raised during the public comment period or during any public meeting.

    154(4) The Department shall hold a public meeting after public notice under subsection 16762-620.550(3), 168F.A.C., whenever a significant degree of public interest in a draft permit is expressed through public comments and requests for a public meeting. The Department may also hold a public meeting whenever it might clarify one or more issues involved in the permit decision.

    212(5) If a public meeting is held, any person may submit oral or written statements and data concerning the draft permit.

    233(6) The public comment period under subsection 24062-620.550(2), 241F.A.C., shall automatically be extended to the close of any public meeting under this section. The presiding officer at the public meeting may also extend the comment period by so stating at the meeting.

    275(7) A tape recording of the public meeting shall be made available to the public during regular business hours at the Department office processing the permit application.

    302Specific Authority 304120.53(1), 305403.051, 306403.061(31), 307403.0885 FS. 309Law Implemented 311120.53(1), 312403.051, 313403.0885 FS. 315History–New 11-29-94.


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