62-640.500. Nutrient Management Plan (NMP)  

Effective on Sunday, August 29, 2010
  • 1(1) A site-specific NMP shall be submitted to the Department with the permit application for an agricultural site. For sites enrolled and participating in a Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) Best Management Practices (BMP) program, a conservation plan or NMP prepared for the purposes of the BMP can be submitted as the site-specific NMP if the plan meets the NMP requirements given in subsections (4) through (8) below.

    72(2) USDA-NRCS-Florida Field Office Technical Guide – Nutrient Management, Code 590, September 2007, listed in paragraph 8862-640.210(1)(m), 89F.A.C., is available to provide technical guidance in the preparation of NMPs from the Department of Environmental Protection, Domestic Wastewater Section, M.S. 3540, 2600 Blair Stone Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2400 or any of the Department’s District Offices.

    126(3) The NMP shall be prepared and signed by a person certified by the NRCS for nutrient management planning or prepared, signed and sealed by a professional engineer licensed in the State of Florida.

    160(4) The NMP shall identify each application zone to be used at the site as identified in the Biosolids Site Permit Application, Form 18362-640.210(2)(d). 184Application zones shall be sized to facilitate accurate accounting of nutrient and pollutant loadings and shall be in accordance with Rule 20562-640.700, 206F.A.C., as applicable for the class(es) of biosolids that will be applied to the site.

    221(5) The NMP shall meet the requirements of this chapter and shall:

    233(a) Include aerial site photograph(s) or map(s), and a soil survey map of the site;

    248(b) Include guidance for NMP implementation, site operation, maintenance, and recordkeeping;

    259(c) Include results of soil, water, plant tissue, and biosolids analyses, as applicable. The soil fertility testing used to develop the NMP shall be less than one year old;

    288(d) Identify the frequency interval for soil fertility testing. The interval shall be at least once every five years with consideration for more frequent testing if increases in soil phosphorus levels are expected;

    321(e) Establish specific rates of application and procedures to land apply biosolids and all other nutrient sources to each application zone. The NMP shall address application rates for a projected five-year period, at a minimum. As part of establishing the application rates, the NMP shall include:

    3671. A specific assessment of the potential for phosphorus movement from each application zone;

    3812. A listing and quantification of all nutrient sources for each application zone;

    3943. The availability of the nitrogen in the biosolids being applied, any nitrogen available from biosolids applications in previous years, and any nitrogen available in subsequent years covering the minimum five year period of the NMP;

    4304. The current and planned plant production sequence or crop rotation for each application zone for the next five years, at a minimum;

    4535. Realistic annual yield goals for each crop identified for each application zone;

    4666. The recommended nitrogen and phosphorus application rates (i.e. nutrient demand) for the crops to be grown on each application zone;

    4877. The calcium carbonate equivalency of any alkaline-treated biosolids and recommended lime application rates for each application zone;

    5058. The method of land application for each application zone; and

    5169. The methodology and calculations used to determine the application rates for each application zone.

    531(6) When considering the availability of nitrogen in biosolids, the following shall be accepted by the Department:

    548(a) The nitrogen calculation methods found in Chapter 7 of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 563Process Design Manual for Land Application of Sewage Sludge and Domestic Septage, 575which is hereby adopted and incorporated by reference. All calculations and values used in the calculations shall be fully documented and submitted with the NMP. These values shall include a complete nitrogen analysis (i.e. organic nitrogen (Org-N), ammonium (NH6144615-N), and nitrate (NO6193620-N)) for all facilities that will use the site; or

    630(b) In lieu of using the full calculation method for nitrogen in Chapter 7 of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 650Process Design Manual for Land Application of Sewage Sludge and Domestic Septage, 662once the amount of plant available nitrogen to be supplied by biosolids has been determined (i.e. the crop nitrogen demand has been adjusted to take other sources of nitrogen into account), this amount may be multiplied by a factor of 1.5 (i.e. a 50 percent increase) to determine the amount of total nitrogen that may be supplied by biosolids.

    721(7) For application sites located in geographic areas that have been identified by statute or rule of the Department as being subject to restrictions on phosphorus loadings (such as the Everglades Protection Area as set forth in Section 759373.4592, F.S., 761the Lake Okeechobee watershed as set forth in Section 770373.4595, F.S., 772Lake Apopka as set forth in Section 779373.461, F.S., 781and the Green Swamp Area as set forth in Section 791380.0551, F.S.793), the NMP shall:

    797(a) Base application rates on the phosphorus needs of the crop; and

    809(b) Address measures that will be used to minimize or prevent water quality impacts that could result from biosolids application areas to surface waters.

    833(8) The NMP for a proposed site located within the Lake Okeechobee, St. Lucie River, or Caloosahatchee River watersheds, shall also include the demonstration required by subsections 86062-640.400(11) 861and (12), F.A.C., as applicable. Any permit issued based on such a demonstration shall require monitoring and record keeping to ensure that the demonstration continues to be valid for the duration of the permit. Documentation of compliance with the demonstration shall be submitted as part of the site annual summary submitted under paragraph 91462-640.650(5)(d), 915F.A.C.

    916Rulemaking Authority 918373.043, 919403.051, 920403.061, 921403.062, 922403.087, 923403.088, 924403.704, 925403.707 FS. 927Law Implemented 929373.4595, 930403.021, 931403.051, 932403.061, 933403.087, 934403.088, 935403.0881, 936403.702, 937403.704, 938403.707, 939403.708 FS. 941History–New 8-12-90, Formerly 17-640.500, Amended 3-30-98, 8-29-10.


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