62-640.800. Additional Requirements for Land Application at Reclamation Sites  

Effective on Sunday, August 29, 2010
  • 1(1) The maximum application quantity of biosolids for land reclamation projects shall be limited to 50 dry tons/acre with such one-time reclamation project to be accomplished within a one-year period on any acre of a land reclamation site. When composted biosolids or biosolids blended with other soil amendment materials are used, only the biosolids portion of the blended product shall count toward the 50 dry tons/acre limitation.

    68(2) Except for Class AA biosolids the applied material shall be incorporated into the soil within the same day as application.

    89(3) Seed, turf-forming grass or other vegetative cover approved by the Department, shall be planted as soon as possible but in no case later than three months after the application of biosolids.

    121(4) Topographical grading shall be completed before application begins.

    130(5) In addition to the above requirements, land reclamation projects at mining reclamation sites shall be in compliance with any other applicable Department rules concerning mining reclamation.

    157Rulemaking Authority 159373.043, 160403.051, 161403.061, 162403.062, 163403.087, 164403.088, 165403.704, 166403.707 FS. 168Law Implemented 170373.4595, 171403.021, 172403.051, 173403.061, 174403.087, 175403.088, 176403.0881, 177403.702, 178403.704, 179403.707, 180403.708 FS. 182History–New 8-12-90, Formerly 17-640.800, Amended 3-30-98, 8-29-10.


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