62-640.860. Other Solids  

Effective on Sunday, August 29, 2010
  • 1(1) General Criteria. The disposal or use of other solids as defined in subsection 1562-640.200(30), 16F.A.C., shall be authorized in a Department treatment facility permit and addressed in the NMP for the permitted application site.

    36(a) The beneficial use of other solids which meets the criteria of subsection 4962-640.860(2), 50F.A.C., shall be authorized in a wastewater permit.

    58(b) The disposal of other solids which does not meet the criteria of subsection 7262-640.860(2), 73F.A.C., shall be in accordance with the design and operational criteria of Chapter 62-701, F.A.C.

    88(2) Beneficial Use of Other Solids. Other solids may be used in a way which is beneficial to the land if all of the following conditions are met.

    116(a) The permittee shall demonstrate how use of the other solids will be beneficial to the land, such as use as a soil amendment.

    140(b) The other solids shall be monitored and analyzed in accordance with Rule 15362-640.650, 154F.A.C.

    155(c) The other solids shall meet the pathogen and vector attraction reduction requirements of Rule 17062-640.600, 171F.A.C. The Department shall review and approve the design and operational parameters of the treatment method used to reduce pathogens and vector attraction during application for a wastewater permit.

    200(d) The land application of other solids shall meet all of the criteria provided in Rule 21662-640.700, 217F.A.C., for land application of biosolids.

    223(e) The application rate of other solids to land shall be consistent with the NMP.

    238(3) Other solids which are combined with biosolids prior to final treatment of the biosolids are subject to all of the requirements of this chapter that apply to biosolids.


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