62-673.300. Prohibitions  

Effective on Thursday, March 25, 1993
  • 1(1) No person shall dispose of, or store prior to disposal, any phosphogypsum except within a phosphogypsum stack system permitted by the Department in accordance with this chapter. This provision shall not be construed to prohibit any use or reuse of phosphogypsum not otherwise prohibited by law.

    48(2) Material subject to the licensure requirements of Chapter 404, F.S., and Chapter 64E-5, F.A.C., shall only be placed on a phosphogypsum stack in accordance with the terms of that license issued by the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services.

    88Specific Authority 90403.061, 91403.4154, 92403.704 FS. 94Law Implemented 96403.4154, 97403.707, 98403.708 FS. 100History–New 3-25-93, Formerly 17-673.300.